Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Post Part II

I just put my tracking code on 25th October and i was amused to note that the post which attracted the most hits 116 to be exact was this one

Anyway this is what my gutter mind has been thinking

Whither “Blonde” and “smart girl”

There is this ad I believe for fair and lovely which asks

“Would you rather be beautiful or smart?”

One explains

“ I would rather be beautiful than smart so that I can get what I want”.


Fair and Lovely thinks it can make you both beautiful and smart.

So jana I sat next to a blonde in the bus. The kind if I was a jamaa I would go for and realized the differences between the smart and blonde (as seen in “White Chicks”) is too obvious

My take is be a smablonde

Beauty Regime (Blonde)

Manicures & Pedicure weekly



And those others

Beauty Regime (Smart)


Daily wash and perfume perhaps

Manicure and Pedicure once every two months if I remember

WTF moment…(Blonde Girl)

My nail broke

WTF moment …(smart)

The whole project disappeared after 6 months of hard work

Double WTF moment

He didn’t notice my new hairstyle and yet it’s a Tyra Banks wig

Double WTF moment (Smart)

Damn! The client now thinks I am dumb and so will my boss. So what will I tell my boss?

What’s New? (Blonde)

My latest conquest drives a Lexus we we we!!

What’s New (Smart)

The brass has just launched new software to make-work easier

Conversation begins with….(blonde)

I just bought a new pair of shoes which cost…$$$ SAVE it!. Ooh and I just discovered this place they do nails for…. And you know what Alex yesterday took me out to blah blah blah

Conversation begins (smart)

How is you and how is work? Did I hear you just got promoted? As for me I am taking an MBA now….blah blah blah

So would you rather be beautiful than smart?

Many smart women are beautiful anyway. But I look at blondes as girls who takes the extra mile to enhance beauty. A pounce of fat would be treated with the contempt it deserves. So when they say “brains and beauty” are a rare thing. It is not they are rare; it is the enhancement that lacks.

So who appointed me here?


  1. Tehehe, Wanjiru!!! uhoro? How goes it child?

    I always wonder who came up with the whole women cannot be beautiful and smart at the same time!!! Fair and lovely or not.

    It destabilises me that line of reasoning. I don't quite agree with it. I don't even know where it came from.
    Nice weekenti kamum.

  2. That ad, enyewe, eish...

    Women CAN have beauts and smarts. I have a girl who sez "I'm smart, very smart. But if a situation arises and I have to act a bimbo to achieve my goals, I will be bimbo personified." And I can attest. A while ago, we'd worked tirelessly on a fund raiser for a month then on the night it was meant t happen, some dude insisted that we had an o/s 200K. Bimbo-ing got us out of that mess. And the raiser was a success.


  3. I agree with jade...I can pull of the "dang!! Just broke a nail"! effect if I want to...if the situation arises...but it's nice to be able to choose to do it...not that its ur permanent status!

  4. Fact is that often beautiful people have it better in life than smart people because people tend to favour them.But smart people can work their way to the top.
    I do know there are blondes and smart chicks but I think that most girls fall somewhere close the middle with a sprinkling of qualities from both groups.
    It is not that there arent any women who are beautiful and smart. There sure as hell are but they are a minority same goes for men. As one of my rules goes,
    " You can't have it all. Please have the good sense to realize this."
    This is the case for most people sadly.That's how the cookie crumbles.

  5. I think that chick that won the American apprentice is a smart blonde in the flesh... I love her!!She kicked ass in high heels without breaking a nail.

  6. I think most people try to categorise beauty as just superficial, and the truth will remain that loooks fade with age, but smarts stays.

  7. A lot of people have a mix of both beauty and smarts, although for some, only one of the qualities will dominate. Just today, I witnessed the power of beauty. A dude was hogging a chair next to him by placing his bag on it even though lots of people were standing. Then, a young, beautiful Indian lady entered and this dude made space for her in a rush! Take note that a lot of people had passed by him and eyed the seat but he just ignored them. I think many women (and men too) assess a situation to see whether it's their looks or smarts that will get them ahead.