Monday, October 30, 2006

Time to post

First Happy Belated Birthday to



A while ago i never saw birthdays having so much ado, but after realizing that life is not to be taken for granted, well i turned the leaf.

I have lately discovered something very not flattering. I have been accused of "katiaring men".

Last week, an acquitance of mine came and asked me "when shall we?". Now me who is slow to understand things asked him "What do you mean?"

He is like ati "Si the way you look at me"

The truth is if i ever looked at him in whatever manner, i didn't not intend to pass on that message knowingly or unknowingly.

So we had this convo with a friend of mine (a dude) after just having the same experience with a guy i hardly know. That one accused me of "being h**ny".

This is the how the conversation went
Him: You must have been high last night at the club
Me: No i wasn't.

Him: I wish yu had agreed to stay a little bit at the club
Me: Why?

Him: Because you would not have slept at all
Me: Why do you say that?

Him: You looked quite ho**y

Obviously and honestly i don't remember been/looking or even thinking or moreso we can't have been in the same wavelength with this guy.

So having this conversation with my friend. He told me that because i look at men straight in the eye, make them feel comfortable around me (well thats with everyone) and they think i want them.

I don't even understand the situation i am in, in the first place!