Monday, October 30, 2006

Time to post

First Happy Belated Birthday to



A while ago i never saw birthdays having so much ado, but after realizing that life is not to be taken for granted, well i turned the leaf.

I have lately discovered something very not flattering. I have been accused of "katiaring men".

Last week, an acquitance of mine came and asked me "when shall we?". Now me who is slow to understand things asked him "What do you mean?"

He is like ati "Si the way you look at me"

The truth is if i ever looked at him in whatever manner, i didn't not intend to pass on that message knowingly or unknowingly.

So we had this convo with a friend of mine (a dude) after just having the same experience with a guy i hardly know. That one accused me of "being h**ny".

This is the how the conversation went
Him: You must have been high last night at the club
Me: No i wasn't.

Him: I wish yu had agreed to stay a little bit at the club
Me: Why?

Him: Because you would not have slept at all
Me: Why do you say that?

Him: You looked quite ho**y

Obviously and honestly i don't remember been/looking or even thinking or moreso we can't have been in the same wavelength with this guy.

So having this conversation with my friend. He told me that because i look at men straight in the eye, make them feel comfortable around me (well thats with everyone) and they think i want them.

I don't even understand the situation i am in, in the first place!


  1. Thanks hun. And for the text too. Your keki is here waiting for you to collect.
    Scoot over haki on the no pints train. I am not touching that shiet for a minute.

    LOOOL, eti katiaring men. Ughhh, kwani whats wrong if a woman makes the move? Smh, you know this dude a while back had the audacity to tell me eti "why do you keep fronting your sexy ass". Mwehehhe, I thanked him for the sexy ass comment and took my walking papers todu riiri, What? How can walking past be construed as fronting ass.
    **smh**..whatever you do, Do not give him some. Or any of the men who accuse you of hitting on them. Kwnai they are doing you a favor??!! Shindwe!!

    Halafu, aiii, me I like being katiwad. Its fun when men do the chasing. They tend to act mad. Thats fun. I am not the hitting on jamaas kind. If he does hit on me, aaah, shauri yake, me I dont have stregth to pursue. pffft! wacha ikae.
    How was KLA?

  2. Such situations are not to be understood or you will end up confusing yourself.

    What is this thing about looking men in the eye, where are we supposed to look?

  3. Gal, some men can be so annoying! I also hv that tendency of lookin people str8 in the eye n find myself in ur shoes! Misinterpreted by most guyz as wantin them...ptuh!

    But that guy who said u were horny....aki ingekuwa ni mimi angekipata. Wrath hath no fury than a woman scorned!

  4. LOL mara 10. Ati 'katiaring men'. Lakini I feel you. I was in a situation sometime and a man accused me of giving him the 'come hither' look. Gatho. Have you ever tried convincing a guy that leave alone 'come-hithering' him, you don't find him in the least attractive?

    Methinks guys shd work on their 'interpreting skillz'. All those articles were not jus meant for women. Heck, they've even gat some on LOL.

  5. Ngaiii sista yaani it went to that kwani that jamaa is used to seeing chics make the move?

    Want that KLA juice I know its salivating so put it here

  6. @KM, KLA was fantastic! That journey lakini is not for the faint hearted.
    If i was actually making moves yaani it won't put me off. But now i wasn't, kwanza i wasnt!!!
    Ati fronting ass?? Now thats a new one. Mine is the front. Asi??
    Ati you like being katiwad. Aki its only fun when you are like the dude, owise if you feel n'tin

    @Komi, your profile is not accessible. Anywho i don't want to confuse myself more than i was confused at the moments.
    Ati you are supposed to look down, so that the man can take charge WTF!!!

    @Unyc, i really get annoyed when i do, so i don't like gettin annoyed in the first place. I woulda slapped him but seeing i was enjoyn being happy, i played along wondering
    Wacha now i will be looking down.

    @bantutu, i understand.

    @Jade, yeah. Imagine katiaring men, yaani me. Ati you are least attracted but you are giving him, come hither look. LMAO!!
    Ebu i check that for direct link to some of these men

    @nakeel, ngai me i was just enjoying my alcohol and dancing, lakini i was making moves. Ngai fafa
    KLA will spill the bones. Now i am just tired of 13+hours of travelling

  7. Very interesting new template I must say.
    Your storo has busted me up! Seems the dudes you know waste no time whatsoever.But look at it this way, if you think of chasing; you have the eye thing down!

  8. I second the belated birthday wishes to Kenyan Gal and Gishungwa.

    Lol @ katiaring, you would think the bewildered look on your face would give the dude a clue as to just how not interested you are in him. I smell desperation when men come up with such statements and as much as id like to tell them to naff off when they do say such things i know my limits, if they are over six foot or older than 15years i let it sensible like that..

    Ps - got your offline message, had a free day leo so slept late watching movies. Catch up with you kesho i hope?

  9. Pps - Is it wrong to feel the way im currently feeling about your new it!!!

  10. interesting indeed ... cut a homeboy some slack for his conscious optimism, i mean if he believes sustained eye contact is indicative of interest, may be it's worked b4 for him ... angalau he tried ...

  11. @Aco, i wanted a template where you don't have to struggle amid the dark colours to read.
    Seems i know all the bad dudes; so next time i see a dude i will look down. Ok what? is wrong with lookin a human being in the eye?

    @D-Shy,thanks, i love the clear template
    @katiaring, At the end of the day, you look like a villain, leading someone with your eyes then pretending you are not interested. Haiyaaaiiii.

    @princess, that is why they are from Mars.

    @Mwangi, is it optimism or ultimo confusion of indicators.

  12. i agree with d_shy its utter desperation, i mean some lines should just be killed and burried.

  13. @don, if thats what say you, then ima not worry

  14. I think some dudes just read too deeply into things that a chic does. It's a weird thing with eye contact, looking deeply into somebody's eyes has been said to imply intimacy. It also varies with culture.