Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All things Ugandan

There are two things that will make Kenya salivate in Uganda

You don’t have to travel to the coast to get good hotels. They are spacious, next to the lake, with beautiful views. Awesome. You haven’t seen the Kampala Serena hotel; had some time there and all I can say is Heavenly place.

There is still too much land in Kampala town. I mean you can hardly walk Nairobi.

Disappointing things

That Celtel connection thing is a fake. No calls were going through; I could only send Text messages.

The buildings are largely like those of a small town in Kenya. For some reasons they reminded me of Embu town. They are too basic. Architects are needed in that country. Obviously the town is largely disorganized and 1001 roundabouts!!!

Business savvy is lacking. The private hire taxis; if you don’t call the driver Ssebo, they decline to take you where you are going.

Reminded of an episode I had at Mombasa. I called the woman selling the stuff “we!” coz when the Nairobians don’t know your name we use the word “We”. Needless to say I had a bit of tongue lashing from her.

Generally, there is no aggressiveness in business is lacking and everyone is just too slow.

When a Nairobian asks for a beer, he/she wants it immediately!!!

I visited one club since I had only one free night. Ange Noir. Boy ooh boy the Ugandans can club. And they don’t go to sip beer and sit down like all these Nairobians; They Dance. The entrance is 15,000 Ugandan Shillings.

A snide remark was made that Kenyans are proud; Ati we were dancing with maring’o. Now how?


Jay Z and Beyonce are about/have broken up. Listening to the song Lost Ones from Jay Z saying she loved work more than she did him. I just thought; either way we look at it Work is a bitch; would never love work more than I do him.

Ugandan Blog to make your day


Hats tip White African

Ugandan Designer with a helluva talent; Sylvia Owori. I saw her designs in a magazine that I believe she publishes and I can say they are ultimately breath taking. I want some of those.


To learn all crimes commitable in Uganda. Read Gish version


Any more Uganda?


  1. great new site look. I think I may adopt it as well

    Also must take a trip to Ug and TZ next year.

    But what's with the code/lines that interrupt text in your posts?

  2. Here i was, kawaida blog-hoing then..

    WHOA! I like the new look blog.

    Ange-noir is the bomb, though the DJs need 2 quit the talking!

    Did the ugandans stop drinkin their booze with straw? Last time i was there n tried it 3/4 of it poured. And the matoke (every)thing was too much.

    Seems u had a wonderful time huko.

  3. @Banks, thanks. I guess i like the clear look, makes reading so much easier. You are free to adopt it. Go to
    I want to go to Zanzibar before end of this year. Mainland TZ will have to wait. Are your pals still doing the holiday thingie.

    With the lines, you must be using IE,if you use Mozilla like i do, you won't notice

    @Sammie, thanks. yeah we had fun. The dJ wasnt talking on that day or maybe i was too happy to hear the interruptions.Dint have too much time, but guys said the matoke sucked so i dint even try it out!

  4. Mamai, you have hit the msumari right....Ugandans can PARTY!!! They hit the club. They dance. Washana us guys who have to fight with barm tenders kuhusu being thrown out from the counter. *smh*

    Halafu, you know, I am so happy you noticed how shabby KLA is...like, their roundabouts are so tiny. Like the ones we have in (insert gishagi kwa mami), boguusssssss.

    Your keki is waiting, and annd, I will buy you a singenge, what? I just want to see you suffer.

  5. I remember going to Ange Noire way back in '94. Looks like the place is still kicking. Another place I went to back then was the Kampala Sheraton. Very classy hotel!

    I agree, the new look makes reading so much easier (Small confession. I always used the "zap" bookmarklet to kill all colours on the blog so as to read it. I do that will all heavily coloured sites. And it works only with Mozilla).

  6. @KM,yaani Nairobians are too lazy to dance especially when they get them chums when they can afford the drinks all night. I loved the partying mode. Aaiiih those roundabouts, ngai fafa they make the city look like a town. Kafa hata Kisumu and Msa
    You know the way i love keki, will be there in a minute to get it

    @egm, 94 is a while ago. I didnt know it existed that kitambo. You should see the Kampala Serena. I wil use your confession to kill colours in blogs

  7. With my seven key voice am singing Take me to KLA..
    Lots of fun you had kabisa.

  8. The girl in the meadow gets a makeover and my favorite celeb couple breaks up....all in the spirit of halloween....au vipi? I'll grant u 1 thing though the lighting shua has improved....why does it make think of church??!

  9. UG in it's own way rocks! Have you ever eaten in their "kiosks"? Kibao food for next to nothing!
    Lakini Kampala is too much like a town as oppossed to city, no planning of sorts! And the way I thot Nai was a mess. Plus UG has just too many langas! How can a reputable place like the Sheraton have so many?!

  10. It's been there a while Shiroh. First time I went to it was actually '93, then again in '94. Is the area where it is still looking like inda? I remember the first time we were taken there, at first we thought it was a sham, since the building from the outside looked like a godown. Only to walk in and see the maajabus.

  11. did you get to the west of the country? i hear its much different from the east which include kampala. i have been to jinja and kampala but av not yet reached the west. i find it funny that any kenyan would find any road bad! you know like what you say about their roundabouts. it reminds me of the swahili saying about the cow, the camel and the hump!

  12. dearest am with sammy the DJS need to stop singing remindedme so much of KBC in the early nineties.
    KLA, the people dance. you should have tried Silk now that place is also just as goood. Aki KLA now that i have pals who can host us when are we going then Dar lini got accomodation there too?

  13. I need to fika this KLA place. The Ugandans at my old uni were quite styled up and used to act uppity around us so after reading yo ur post, one has to wonder why.

    I listened to the Lost Ones and whats interesting is that it was written two years ago because she is twendy fi not twendy three..so maybe it was a rough patch?

  14. He he! Ugandans party and go home in the daylight to shower and then proceed to work! Kenyans can't keep up.

    And if you think Ange Noir is expensive -- try up the road Club Silk. When I was there last year there was a silver hummer and a Merc model i've never seen parked outside...

  15. @Naks, will surely do next time i go partying

    @Acolyte, i agree that Ug rocks in its own way.No i didnt get to the vibandas, didnt have so much time
    Well i hear there are langas maybe due to economic shidaz au

    @Odelge, no i dont even know where the west of the country is , what is there?

    @gish, if you listen to John Karani he still thinks talking is the in thing. Will talk on the Dar thing

    @D-Shy, when you come to the great city of Nairobi, visit KLA too. Yeah it is a shabby town for sure...But well a people got to have pride. and anyway to them KLA rocks.
    For JaYB, i dunno,its sad

    @M, i was told that Ange Noir is better than silk and now that they cost more than 500/=, i couldnt risk,.I will try Silk when be back there. Ati Merc Model you have never seen. BTW i hear the rich Ugandans are really really rich and they flaunt it

  16. That's not entirely true,I honestly think we don't come close to livin' it like you do, had a Kenyan friend over some time and i had to like, take her through the town and stuff. It was a hot as heck day so at about 11am she goes like, we should get drinks...turns out she meant BEER! at 11am? cummon, the way it works, you start like at 8pm then make your way to eleven am...not start at eleven and make your way to 8pm.

    @Shiroh, thanks for the referral.