Friday, November 10, 2006

The friday post- Part I

The International Women Aids Run is on 2ND DECEMBER 2006. This race is for WOMEN only. Men can only be support group i.e. coach the women runners and such others.

The tickets are Ksh. 500 each. Please register to reach the AIDS Orphans and people affected by HIV/AIDS.

My Kids at St.Francis Home/School

I know i have been quiet on this one. My Kids at the Orphanage are ok the last time i saw them. I will go there on Sunday. So Holla if interested.

There are things i would love my kids to have;

Television set and Video
Enough Food

Those are not luxurious items. I have been quite not in touch with them because of some issues like brokeness, not been available on weekends but now i am back for the cause.

Thanks for people who have made efforts to contact me towards this cause; You don't how blessed you can be for feeding an orphan.

Don't fall in love with a Dreamer- Kenny Rodgers

Avoid getting into trouble with your father- Shiroh


  1. All the best with the walk. I have to admit that I slacked off as regards the kids, will pick up soon and holla at you and kibet.

  2. Hey good luck with the walk, so how can one help? since i cant be there for the walk i would like to help in any way i can, i volonteered at an orphanage some time back and am all for the cause.