Wednesday, September 21, 2005


It's one thing to experience loss, it's another thing to move on and it's another thing to realize you are all on your own. I am a bit hesitant to ask for help from anybody and sometimes including my folks. This is not because i am too proud to but it's purely because i don't want to deal with the eventuality of being lied to. While i may not be in somebody's budget stymes earning power of a person makes it too obvious to assume how low they view you in their lives.

Certainly now things are not looking too good for me. I am in a state of affairs that require a financier i.e. to say purely for money. Strong as i have always been in the thick of things strength can be lost in the way. I am not in some cc debt or something like that but basic survival people and i mean it. It saddens me further to realize that i basically have no friends, that your friends are important when you are having fun and it ends there.
And since the realization is so sad it has to take me quite some few days to get over it.

Fast forward to the future. There are people who will celebrate with you and any signs of sickness will be treated with utmost urgency, flowers will flow from all quarters i.e. if and when one is successful. Why are people so superficial?


  1. I feel you on that, but when things are thick its always good to ask for help. It is not possible to be self-sufficient. If you dont, it wont stop pple from asking you for help from you when they need to.

    Pple are not superficial, its the way of life. A prof at UoN used to tell us theres nothing for free. Even those who do charity and philanthropy do so to gain recognition from the Supreme. Now you may be an end-month struggler but wait n c when you 'make it'. All n sundry will be all over you, how 'great' you are. Brace yourself for that.

  2. Yep Shiroh - we all have such kind of friends - fair weather friends - and I am sorry you are going through a trying time. And seeing as I am one of those people who find it hard to ask for help, especially financially, I would ask you to ask for it - (at least that way I acknowledge that sometimes when I need help, its ok to ask for it, although I dont take my own advice, but i digress) - that way, you know there are people out there who can help you, and that way, you know who your friends are. Someone may not be able to help you out, but at least if they are your friends, they will appreciate you coming to them, and then at least you will have asked.

    As God once told someone (cant swear to this): Ask and you will receive...

  3. Yeah, they are all kinds of friends girlfie and its hard to find a friend that stands with/by us all times(besides God). Who can bail us out regardless u know? But, they do exist and though they don't come easy.

    I know what you mean, being the type that will not ask for help. I know its not one of the best habits coz no man is an Island but I guess with time ahve come to realise no one has my back at all times. So I just learnt to manage myself, but that again aint possible all times .

    So, I learnt to trust God 1st then my friends and though smtimes I still get disappointed its far much better.

    I wish u the best and hope things come thru for u dear girl!

  4. Pole Shiroh.. Woishe...

    I learnt not to rely on people easily. I choose those I can rely on carefully once they've proved themselves severally. there's nothing as bad as being let down when you need the help most...

    Wishing you luck and success in this difficult time... (((hug)))

  5. Pole Shiroh for the matatizo. Trouble separates the friends from the hangers-on.

    I pray that you will find a true friend right - they do exist, but sometimes we overlook them.

  6. people suck. I recently lost someone and out of all my so called friends only one was truly there for me. don't give up on people though - when i choose to help someone else, it's ussually irregardless of whether they helped/ will help me at some point.

  7. just keep doing good eventually it will come back to you.

  8. Shiro in times like this it is always good to remember no situation is permanent even when friends let you down and hang in there the stars shall come out.
    And yes there are good season friends who come out of the wood work after you have sorted yourself out.

  9. Woiyee, thanks for your comfort, May be i just don't know who to choose my friends. I will try to ask for help .Thanks all of you

  10. pole sana.un4tunately it is only during times of shida that we know who our friends are and if we have any.I have learnt to have few pals that i can trust instead of a large crew who are never there when u need them most.Anyway hope things are now looking up.