Thursday, June 19, 2008


I wish i could have conducted a poll on this one.

  • Matatu Drivers take the accolades- they are loud,  act like they have a right of way, don't care about traffic rules and generally represent what ill manners look like. Plus their conductors

  • Stock brokers are fast gaining the name rogue and wayward- this need not be explained

  • Civil Servants- though no longer known as the people who hang the coats on the chair while pretending to be at work the whole day, . Civil servants have not really changed and i don't expect them to. They still blatantly ask for bribes to do work they should be doing. Lets just say 99% make the other 1% look bad. 

  • Industries - They join this index for making Nairobi River look like a dumping site or worse. 

  • The Transport Minister- I don't know what this guy does, maybe he should explain to us via the notorious Government Spokesman. 

  • Members of Parliament- Nothing good can be said of these people. They know how to debate on many issues concerning how to raise their money, how to use their money and how to have money after they leave parliament. Very progressive indeed.

  • The Standard newspapers- I don't know if this Newspaper knows there are many things that exist in Kenya beyond their cheap political rhetoric.

  • The City Planners -and who are they?
  • All those people who come on Tv and say "Tunaomba Serikali itusaidie"


  1. Namimi naomba serikali itusaidie pia. Who is this particular serikali helper anyway?

  2. Tunaomba serikali itusaidie sisi bloggers tuweze kupata fast and reliable internet ili tuweze kuendelea kuandika