Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Just confirming that my squatter status has not been disrupted by blogger.com.
In my culture, it is believed that if someone talks about you, you either trip or bite your tongue. I wonder at the rate which everybody is talking about Obama, doesn't he spend the whole day tripping or biting his tongue.
Of Mc Cain's VP choice aren't some people just mean?

Is this Kenyan weather serious? Can it decide once and for all if it wants to rain, be sunny or whatevs, it is not funny walking in town then the next thing are heavy rain drops and you have no any umbrella or a jersey for that matter. Don't we all miss the days when you knew it was going to rain in April, watch Safari Rally? Aaihhh
So the KNHCR Report is out. Can all the jdefenders of the Rift Valley Mps and their involvement in the violence stand up and be counted????
Till next time.


  1. And can they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Central Kenyan MPs and their involvement with the violence? Let's not be selectively myopic here. Kila mtu na msalaba wake

  2. The Obama quip is amusing hehe. Now lets see what gives. .

  3. Good old days of Safari Rally. I remember they used to pass by our village and we would be asked to move away from the roads when the cars were like 20 miles away!