Monday, February 27, 2006

Thank you....

Lawd Jesus! (KM has not copyrighted this right) I had a blast. I am still surprised at how much some dudes and dudettes love me.

I wont get into the nitty grittys of how this woman enjoyed her b/day. I am one hell of a bad narrator.I know why 24 is a good year(heck yes it is)

Keguro, for being the first to wish me many years ahead.
S!, thanks for the lovely card. (Nick is already getting jealous)
Nick thanks for that lovely sms
M, now you better find it. You know what
All of you who passed my blog and wished me a happy Bday

I told someone he was the fiftieth to wish me many returns and I hope he believed it. By end of day Friday I had 22 wishes from fellow KBW….Gosh! I am so happy..happy..happy

Thengiu very much.

And all of you “friends” outta there who did not remember my b/day you are marked.
You are not my friend
You have never been my friend
And I hope I am not being unrealistic.
Part of being my friend is remembering my birthday

And least of all, those who wanted to ruin my day (Mshindwe!!) pepo mbaya.

Stupid PMS, you must not come near me when it is my birthday. And you never seem to hear me or do you?

Take care of yourself and when you are at it gather some good friends and I mean just that good.

It is official; we are organizing a KBW Meet up, you Kenyans.

Before I met KBW members I was afraid to lose the mystery behind the blogs. I didn’t meet any before our meeting in Dec. Blogging has become better. KBW dudes and dudettes are off the hook! I think there is something about being a blogger.

Suspected culprits

All bloggers visiting,in Kenya,within Kenya, neighbouring Kenya

Nick has the following numbers
Ms K’s

KM,hook a brother up with your number.

You can volunteer your number ats if so inclined.

Suspected venue
We might all agree on Buffet Park, (any other suggestions people!)

Carry your cameras, your eyes

Not allowed
Your other halves

Suspected day
11th or 12th March. Protest if you may wish. We (Nick and concubine) are only going to organize a day all yah (most) are available and not committed.

Likely things
Mental checking on his godchildren
Nick taking Fanta (no you won't)
KM and Ms K competing on who has higher heels
M and Ms K talking late in the night
G..doing a better lap dance, I am sure she has been practicing
Samborera turning up with introverted crew (looking forward)
Bankelele (I am not sure we will get this one he will be busy making keleles at the banks
Torments reciting poems at none other than (you have it)

I will email the ones I can but we gotta have your number.

I told you, don’t pull a why didn’t you tell me!


  1. Is it me first?

    *furtively glancing around*

    *Index finger raised high*

    Eat my dust KBW, kula mchanga! Ebu nisome...

  2. Postpone by a month, postpone by a month...

    I wanna be there rather than being square!!!

    This time round people should be allowed to blog freely on what happened. Its only fair that the masses know what went down.

    Ama someone should pull a githongo-kiraitu taping session LOLOLOL

    And then post an audio blog a la Irena and Stunuh...

  3. Lool #2 who woke u up...

    Yeap gal count me in the list.. Good to hear u had a fablous b/day..

    @#2 u have to bribe we postpone by a month...

  4. Why the damn am I fourth? What am I doing wrong? Aawwww shucks!

    Anyhow, glad you bday rocked....
    Meet up huh?
    I see......

  5. @Milo,seems you have a post notification programme.
    @Milo,look now,Kenyan Gal thinks we should postpone to June
    @nakeel,thank you , you are in
    @KM, hebu
    @kenyangal,well smiling

  6. you are most welcome...and yes fanta will be taken...milk and passion juice

  7. Hi Shiro happy belated birthday. I checked my blog and I think you have mistaken me for Mind Void, that guy who does not seem to like KBW too much. Unlike MV, I am very much interested in KBW. Far from void my mind feels a bit over-full right now, it's been a crazy day. I'd love to meet all the other people in KBW face to face (once I overcome my social-phobia. so much for the security of Internet anonimity) Be nice on my blog, I mean no harm : )

  8. At the risk of being labeled an enemy - If I wish you happy birthday now - then claim that you never told me when your birthday was, is it too bad? What if I had amnesia and didn't have the cojones to admit that I'm brainwashed? Either way I do mean it. Happy.. Happy belated :)

    Ok - for the meet up I suggest a revision to the rules. I want photos. Darn it even if it's a caricature. I want to see M's gheri curl and Nick's bow legs. It's time we put faces to go along with these identities on the net. LOL!

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  10. Happy Birthday

    PS: I don't earn enough Kelelele's, but the 11th date is fine. 12th is out because there's Man Utd vs Newcaslte, Arsenal vs Liverpool, and the F1 season begins - all on that Sunday afternoon