Thursday, February 02, 2006

Did you know?

I enjoy reading long analytical posts,but the power to write them has gone with the shrinking mitochondria. I always feel the half bakedness in my posts. I know i have the idea but when i hit the keyboard..the post is over before i can say..ANYTHING. That is to say i appreciate all of you who come over despite the shallow posts i spurn.

Yesterday somebody called me WAKILI, it felt odd. It even felt honorable.And for a while i imagined really AM I?

This is not what i wanted to write about. I am just excited about February. It is the month i was born.

I wanted to write about

Some girls are not going to school because they cannot afford sanitary towels. You all know what i am talking about ALWAYS,STAYFREE et al. Run to Nakumatt, buy some and put them inside the bucket they have provided please. It is a pity!Though i doubt the capitalistic intentions on the part of ALWAYS and NAKUMATT why can't they allow persons to donate whatever pads they want! Always is an expensive brand to be honest.

What was i saying? This month is my BLOGVERSARY month. February 2005 found me blogging. I was curious to discover what trafalgar,kidada,sanaa were doing.

Anyway it has been a long journey,doing the linking was HARD LOSING MY BREATH OVER HOW TO TAG (Nick wewe). HTML,GREEK?



  1. What you are speaking about happens to us all maybe there are a few exceptions on KBW I could name people who have words pouring off their fingers in a brilliant sequence.
    Happy blogversary Wakili. Well you are a learned friend do not worry with time you will get used to it.
    Are we having cake to celebrate?

  2. Happy Blogversary Shiroh! I guess we is B-Day mates to that respect.

    Anyway, I feel you on that sanitary protection thing! Aren't we females so 'lucky'?

  3. Happy blogaversary, may there be many more :)!! By the way I like the way you write, Its good when doing a blog run to soma an analytical blog that sharpens your mind, a comedy one to brighten your mood, an informative one to tell you whats happened in Kenya of late e.t.c. e.t.c i guess everyone has their own personal writing style and they all shine and add value to KBW

  4. I have been blogging way too much recently. Is there a Bloggers Anonymous(BA) or support group I can join. Anyone. This is truly addictive.

    Anyway, I used to check out KenyanGal, or rather her blog, until she deleted it and went underground. I discovered she had resurfaced and somehow got here. I see you are confident sexy. I like.

  5. #Samborera, Join our webring, KBW,or what do you mean?

  6. Happy blogvesery!!!Dont worry about the analytical bloggin skill it comes with time besides we have so many analytical writers in kbw that kawa everday writing is appreciated.

  7. shiroh, happy blogaversary! it's only natural to sometimes question our writing, especially when we've been at it for so long, but rest assured that yours is not a "halfbaked" blog. i enjoy your writing :)

    ps. what is this thing about ALWAYS? please enlighten me...

  8. Happy happy happy blogaversary. As host of the celebrations, you can treat us all to drinks ...

  9. Shiroh, YAY we were born the same month, and started blogging the same month - is there something about blogging and birthdays we werent told about?

    Happy blogversary gal...

  10. Funny thing just happened which made me smile - when I was writing that comment, M's wasnt there, but tomas' was - mine somehow 'jumped'
    :) :) :)

  11. @Prous,cake in good time,thx
    @Mocha,happy blogversary too
    @kenyangal,asante sana for your encouragement
    @aco,one yr is long tym or 4,5 is wat u mean.Thanks
    @cute_angel,thanks,there is a campaign to buy always for girls who can't afford via Nakumatt
    @M,thank u,i guess i should be treated 2 some huh! Even Java icecream ok
    @guess,wonderin too,We should host a online bash..wat am i sayin
    @farmgal,asante,Wakili (still a strange feeling)

  12. I meant to say that I've become addicted to blogging and don't know what to do.

  13. @Samborera,
    i pitiad yo blog,did u pass the celtel interview

  14. They'll get back to me by the end of next week. So they say. Of course, whatever happens, I'll blog about it.

  15. By the way, you did some blog karate and created a link to another post of mine. How are we the same and who is Excellence?

  16. wait a min wait a min kwani everyone was born in feb .happy blog thingy and hapy b day

  17. Happy Blogversary and Happy B Day...

    Ati you arent married? Then what was that ka-wedding band doing on yur finger during the KBDub meetup in Dec? I have fotographic proof...

    Jitetea wakili, jitetea!!!

  18. @Milo,back to your conning self he..which band was that? Primary evidence ni muhimu,
    @joe,february is the month of love so guess it is a good month to be born.

  19. Happy blogversary,,,, Happy birthday too and hope am getting that black forest..

  20. Happy blogversary, Shiroh, here's to many more (and thanks for doing some admin work for KBW by asking bloggers to join up!)

  21. Have a wonderful blogversary & wishing you many more wonderful posts.

    Kudos on the good thought to reach out & help these less fortunate girls.

  22. @kenyan pundit,thank you.
    @nakeel,asante sana. we can organize a black forest
    @mshairi,ooh that was admin work, malipo,thanks
    @akiey5-thanks,they need our help

  23. Quite belated sweetie.....sorry. I donno how I missed this post, but happy blogversary, and thanks for making a beautiful and wondwerful read.