Friday, July 14, 2006

Going to the US no matter what the costs


There was this girl who said she needed my services as a laywer. So i went to see her and she explained
"A friend of mine had been granted a Green Card to the United States and it was just a matter of an interview then he would be able to travel to the land of milk and honey.

So we arranged a civil service marriage so that i would be able to go to the US with him. Unfortunately the guy goofed in the interview and they were not able to travel.

Her boyfriend was coming from abroad and had arrangements to get married to her. And she wanted to annul the marriage."

That was a hard one i must say. How do you annul a marriage which was entered for convenience. What if it was discovered they had entered into the marriage fraudulently.
She then disappeared when i told her that i would need some time to look into the matter.

Si tell me your stunts you know people pull to ensure how they will get outside the country...


  1. Thanks shiroh i owe you one you have just made my afte ROFLMAF. the drama so now how(KM 2006)

  2. Hey gal!Whatitis?As we would say over here.There are so many stunts that Kenyans pull to get here that I could write a small book.
    It is a known fact that many embassies do not like granting visas to single women.This is because they think you will go there to get married and not come back.So after a few denials I had a friend who had a fake marriage certificate made with fake birth certificates for her children made to match.
    I have also known people to have fake birth certificates that make them older or younger.
    There are people who have been deported who have had passports made under new names so as for them to have a clean slate.
    When people got green cards they used to marry their cousins and sisters/brothers.So nowadays immigration has couples do DNA tests to make sure they are not pulling a scam to get into the U.S.
    Of course there is also the strenous denials to having any relatives abroad even though half of your family lives in your country of destination.
    Ah that reminds me of the fantastic stories people tell the embassy staff, saying how they are going to rebuild Kenya when they return.
    Give me time and when more come to mind I will share.TGIF!

  3. Acolyte...
    now that vibe of immigration doing DNA tests on couples is alittle far fetched!!! I have lived in the States for over 6 years and not once have i heard a storo like that. DNA tests are expensive and think of the number of couples that would need to be tested. Yes! the Dept. of homeland security has chums to spare but not on DNA tests; the pals are understaffed when it comes to the US-Mexican border!!!
    Please refrain from giving false information to guys back home it's very misleading!!!

  4. @ Anonymous
    Just because you haven't heard it doesn't mean it doesn't happen!I will get you the paperwork if you think I am lying!They may not do DNA tests but they do blood tests as many green card winners in the past used to marry their relatives world over and then they would divorce after a while in the states as soon as the other personhad residency.

  5. My dear shiroh, i wonder why you are suprised. That is not even shocking to me. Thats the norm.

  6. @ Anonymous
    Me again!I just remembered that back home if you got a green card you had to pay like 30k.Some of that cash paid for a battery of medical tests you and your family had to go through.So they would have samples of your blood for testing.The American embassy back home had select docs who they would send people to as does the Australian embassy so non staffing isnt an issue.This is what happens in Kenya, I dont know what happens in the states other then the interview.And besides since you are both in the states you dont need to marry your sister as your both in the states.
    The scenario is very different in Kenya my friend...

  7. @ anon, the usa embassy in kenya takes DNA samples and they are for the sole purpose of catching them stunters and stuntees as i like to call them. I have heard of most of those stunts first time my jaw hit the floor now its such a norm that if you dont hear of some one doing it you wonder kwani are they sending kila mtu free or did the staff at the usa emabssy get taken over by nyayo house staff, tehehehhe.

    Nice one shiroh, imagine the convo will be like

    Wife: i want an annulment to ur marrige of convinince.

    Husband: do this dear ebu rarua them papers and then we move on.

    Survival for the fittest or they most conniving how ever one chooses to see it.

  8. Desparation is getting sober. I hear about these girls who marry men old enough to be their fathers older cousins just to get into America. It's saddening and pathetic. And i hate it more because it by virtue being a Kenyan i get associated with them. Is it better to shamelessly grovel at the feet of the sex tourists begging to be taken to America or standing proudly tall, shaking his hand firmly and telling him "thanks but no thanks?"

  9. That a tough situation, but as they say 'desperate times call for desperate measures.' People often use marriage as a way out, but it's never as simple as it sounds. If money is involved, some people get too greedy. If feelings are involved, somebody gets hurt. Marriage should never be a secret, at least one should confide in a friend coz anything can happen and you'd need a witness. And when serious shit happens, it's family that will bail you out.

  10. Acolyte/Don_quixote:
    That's a bunch of BS!!! The American Embassy in Kenya does not perform DNA tests...i worked there and still have friends who work there... please, do some research before propagating false information. Medical examinations verify good health and admissibility to the United States on medical grounds. The medical part include a physical examination, TB test, serologic (blood) test and vaccinations. The blood test is to find out your HIV status....
    Come on guys let's get rid of the ignorance.....

  11. Faking refugee status just to get out by claiming to be a citizen of a neighboring country which is in shambles at the moment.
    Acquiring a new set of fingerprints after being deported twice!! (do not ask)

    Must say this is a very interesting post. have a lovely w/e shi.

  12. Forgive me for adding a little nothing to this debate but allow me to repeat here what I've said elsewhere:

    With all due respect Mr/Ms Anon:
    You may have some valid points in your argument but all this anonymous business is a futile attempt at communication.
    What's so hard about letting folks know who we are? C'mooon, it's just the darned Internet, no one's coming to bash your head in for speaking your mind

  13. I STOPPED responding to Anonymous comments tho i must agree with the dude/dudette that...The American Embassy in Kenya does not perform DNA tests

  14. the american embassy in nai may not do DNA tests on everyone (students especally are too many) but you'd best believe that if you claim that someone is your child/spouse or whatever that they are going to check it out. tis not like the US actually believes that everyone who gets a green card is going to be honest. to cut down on fraud if you apply for refugee status or you are up for citizenship and you want to bring in dependants, they will most definately do DNA testing. other countries like norway do it so its not like its a new thing. and its everywhere, no coutries are exempt. go ahead and google it.

  15. @ Anonymus
    First of all I did not say that the American embassy does DNA tests!They have private doctors who do blood tests.If you go with your wife as a winner of a green card all they do is compare the two blood samples to make sure you are not pulling a fast one.But this is an aimless arguement.Believe what you want to believe as long as it makes you happy.I have friends who have gotten green cards and those who were married had those tests done.Anyway moving on.....
    @ all
    There are also those marriages where you pay someone to marry you and they do the interview with immigration saying how they know you,state of the union etc.After your green card checks in you give them the final payment and move on.Although these at times end badly as the person can keep on raising the payments knowing that you dont want to be sent home and lose your money.Some also turn their partners into defacto slaves, quitting their jobs and expecting the green card wanting party to support them both.
    For dudes there is what one blogger called the "overweight green card special"It is a well known fact that in many parts of the American society fat girls are looked down upon.So what an enterprising brother can do is to hook up with a big chic who has low self esteem,make her feel like a princess and then boom before she knows whats happening she's walking down the aisle and booking the interview at immigration.So when you see an African brother with a big jungu mama chances are high that's the deal going down.As for chics I have no idea who in particular they target.Ladies please share.

  16. well.

    Do u know your client anywayz.It matters to know because I have a freind who just passed the same scenario one year ago...

    It may help both of us

  17. mr/ms anon...must be the former ambassador!!!!! he used to work there
    ha ha ...
    my take on this..
    why would an able bodied kenyan expose him/herself to such needless endeavours?
    just to get to america and end up scrubbing toilets????
    afadhali kenya and all its corruption!