Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Counting part II

Long before these children existed without me. But now that i know what they are suffering from i feel it my obligation to see that infection does go away. I feel their pain. Someone just told me this disease is a result of poor hygiene. Look at her hand it swells and that makes my life difficult.

Now that i know that someone from Michukis is reading the blogs.,i hope they read this and do something.

Very few things occupy my mind but this has. If only they could get a donor these children.

But there is hope from you and me. Only getting the commited ones seems like me strutting on the catwalk next to Naomi Campbell. I don't earn much but my 200Ksh combined with 5 more 200 Ksh. makes 1,000 that i couldn't prolly raise by myself. I was impressed with some child i was told forego lunch and bought them countless pencils. Ooh whoever said only children will see the Kingdom!!


  1. would like ot help maybe introduce rotary and rotaract to them for help if you dont mind.
    Great work.

  2. Gish could you kindly email me at sylkwanAThotmail.com.
    Then we can talk. Great idea

  3. Nice idea to blog this - where is this? And what's the name of the disease?

  4. @Kachumbari, thanks
    @movie buff, asante sana.
    @jke, this is a school/home called St.Francis in Karen,.i think its scabies, i am not sure though.

  5. Keep up the good work!And keep us updated!

  6. did you know that guess is around? saw her the other day and just wondering if she will be there for the bloggers meeting?

  7. Thanks Guys for the much needed support