Friday, June 23, 2006


What is the origin of sexual suppression against women? This is the question I am asking myself after reading this article. Cameroon Girls Battle Breast Ironing

Who ever convinced women that their sexuality should be suppressed? And it is their mothers that do it?

Ironing breasts? When I saw this on Prousette’s blog I didn’t quite get what she meant. Now I know. Scream Ouch!!!!!

Of second wives
I respect the presidency more than I respect anything. But an issue that has come to mind of recently is just how secure is a second wife? Without a ring, without anything, just what is the fate of the second wife?

By law, one is not eligible to contract a second marriage once they have contracted a legal one (notice I didn’t say traditional).

Yet our presidency is faced with a serious issue many might want to dismiss as the least of their worries. When I look at some of the people I know; they are second wives, children of second wives and all. So these people is not hot useless issue.

The possibility that the president contracted a second marriage is an issue of criminality. We all know the president could never be committed to jail now but he is not protected laters.

So who is this Wambui and why does she claim she is the wife of our President. Deep Nyeri news network appreciate the fact that Wambui has always presented and has been know as the wife of the then MP for Othaya. So what changed?

What is the position of the second wife in Kenya?
Does public declaration makes her just another “woman”?

While Wambui has been a spoiler in the recent past, with the Arturs in the mix, does she deserve the kind of treatment that the president hands her? It behoves on us to understand that any kind of relationship entered for the purpose of mwenjoyos comes across a sham.

Ladies and Gentlemen before you get into any kind of settlement to sire, produced heirs for anyone, wave your rings.

Ooh Please!!!
There is a man I know who refused to buy Kengen Shares just because he argued that this Government of Wakikuyus (pun intended) was upto something. We all know who had the last laugh.

I have never understood one fact why Kenyans have to pass the buck onto the Government.

Does the fact that I am Kikuyu triple my income? I wish it did
Do I pay less VAT or Tax because I am a Kikuyu?

So before you open your mouth and blame people for everything; play your part!!!

Our President is surely not dumber than President Bush the last time I checked despite his mutability.

Americans probably made more money
Had better health care
Donated Millions of money to Africa

I can hear millions of hands in the air,. Ooh but you see…..ooh Please

Nice weekend


  1. A definite ouch. What is it about human beings that makes them resort to crazy problem solving methods that just cause other problems? Why are we so afraid of tackling things head on in a rational manner? These women could sit their daughters down and teach them instead of hurting them. Likewise, men should sit down their sons and show them the proper way of treating a woman.

    As for blame game, people will always have reasons as to why they did or didn't do something. The wonders of the homo sapien never cease to amuse!

  2. Now you have hit very many nails on the head.

    I read that article on ironing and still do not get it. Not to forget the sad incident where this girl decided to go at herself with a razor blade. The "danger of FGM" message has hit home with the wrong people it seems because no one should hate their own privates that much to slice them away hata kama it is to be called circumcised!!!

    Gikuyu govt indeed! It comes with the territory mami because the previous one was a Kale govt so take heart, not many think that way unfortunately those that think along that line are the most vocal. Generalisation at its best(worst!).

    Have a lovely w/e

  3. The whole ironing breasts issue is gross.The best thing would be for that society to have a national campaign for the young not to have sex till they are of age instead of playing the blame game.
    Correct me if I am wrong but Kibs would only be guilty of bigamy if he married both women in church but since he married Wambui traditionally then legally he is off the hook.But as a President of a developing country and as a whipped bastard he can't openly admit to having two wives.
    But as you have said, in this day and age women need to say no to being second wives with all the perils that it brings or enter into it with all eyes open.
    I do understand that some people blame the government for everything while on the other hand the government cannot be held blameless in the state of the nation's economic affairs.There is a mid point and that man has missed it.
    Fact is that Kibaki and Kikuyus cannot be blamed for everything.
    I think your comparison of the USA and Kenya is very myopic.One cannot compare a nation whose economy and political system is over 200 years old to Kenya's which is less then 50 years old.There are so many different dynamics at work that render your comparison null and void.You are beter of comparing Kenya to South Korea.My hand had to stay up for me to say my piece on that.
    Have a nice weekend too!

  4. @Prousette, i saw that story of the Meru girl.What a pity? So you don't buy Kengen Shares because the kikuyus...ooh stupidness.
    The generalization cannot end but not for the good of anyone i tell you.

    @egm, Ouch again! And let the blame game continue

    @Acolyte, Talk of national campaigns some people juz don't understand that.
    I will correct you once you have contracted a legal marriage, civil or otherwise you cannot contract another marriage traditional or whatever until you are divorced. The crime you commit is called bigamy.
    My opening remarks are that i respect the presidency let me say calling the president a whipped bastard doesn't work with me.

    I dont say the government is blameless what i was trying to say is an individual will not forego an opportunity to make his life better by blaming the Govt for the colour of his underwear. In point that Kengen issue.

    I am not comparing America to Kenya,.it would be a disaster to do so. All i was saying the president is just one person the whole 29,999,999 persons assuming we are thirty million what are we doing?
    In short are you sweeping the street if that is your designation to sweep the street? What???

  5. @ shiroh
    I can talk about the President about a person and still respect his office.Plus he has done little to render himself immune to ridicule, compare him to our previous president who even though had domestic issues did well to try keep them out of the public arena.I think the cartoonists, comedians,satirists and the millions who enjoy their work agree with me.So do loosen up.
    Thank you for the correction on bigamy and maybe that is what the president is trying to do by disowning Wambui; he is demoting her to a mistress or non entity to preserve the sanctity of the presidency.
    Much as the president can't be held liable for the state of the whole country, he can do his best to encourage his parliament to enact policies that will raise the standard of living for Kenyans.That is what a leader does, he leads.So there are other Kenyans who are working their asses off but have little to show for it but as you said we can't blame it all on the government but they still have a big role to play at the end of the day.

  6. I think the first wife should file for psychological abuse or torture when her husband marries a second wife while she is still legally married to the man. Can't we fight for that?

  7. I do agree with Acolyte. The trouble with the big man thinking that has shaped African governments, people are not alive to the concept of the presidency vis a vis the President. Comments on what you think is the presidents life ca nonly be libelous but not seditious.

    On the issue of marriage, ido not know what you mean by a legal marriage, shiro. If a man comes to your house and gives your father a goat then you move in together, that is a perfectly legal common law marriage.
    Also a come we stay is recognised by law, in certain circumstances, though it is quite a grey area.

  8. On that second wife issue I tell you if all men in Kenya were to stick to the legally recognisable union they entered into, the result would be total upheaval.
    There are some who are known to have two or more wives each living in different estates blissfully believing she is the only one.
    An interesting case in point would be that Insurance agent of the year who is "legally" married to two with certificates to boot.

    All I would say in the presidents case is keep it under wraps it is not of national importance.
    A warning to ladies who do not mind being a side dish too when push comes to shove you shall be disowned and in public at that.

  9. Africa has one of the hightest child sexual exploitation rates in the world so it goes to show how desperate these mothers have become in protecting their children from being raped. It’s sick of course what they do, but they do it because they are desperate...remember that in Africa, especially the southern parts, that some of the men are taught about all these vile rituals and sick superstitions where they are told that having sex with babies or virgin children that the act will cure or prevent them from having aids. It’s horrible! There has been incidents where groups of men rape tiny babies as young as 9 months! Literally doing this in front of the mothers! Thats how scared these mothers are that they would be doing such horrible things to their daughters to keep the men away at any cost....its horrible. Not only do the children have to worry about starving to death or getting aids, but they have to worry about being sexually abused or worry about being taken by evil regimes where the people then make them sex slaves or force them into armies which fight amongst each other and are then used for and by warlords. It’s not a good environment for anyone….let alone the little children. You can tell alot about a nation on how they treat their women and children. In Africa it’s pure savagery!