Thursday, June 15, 2006


For Kelitu, Nakeel and others representing here is kilunda Enjoy.

i have just learnt that one of my pals is getting married. I don't know how to react. I have never looked forward to this day because that is one of the last good tall handsome men i know remaining. He is a nice dude; one of the best dudes i have met. (insert tears here)

It is never my intentions to steal other people's men and that is why i pushed him away. Not because i didnt think i could win the fight; it was because of the history these two had. Long history dating back 7 to 10 years ago; i respected it.

Anyway i got the email today, wrote back and told him congratulations. But i have just lost him forever (sob sob).


  1. Pole sana Mami

    Wako bado yuko - ananyoroshwa tu. ;o)

  2. Hey I like the new look blog.
    Uhm now that you have mentioned music, on the post on mugithi, I meant to say that the song- kai wonire atia- is not really new but NOT that it is not having heavy circulation.
    For the record the song on Radio now is the remix by Mighty Salim in the one man style (mugithi is a song and dance style not a beat)but the original was by the late Sammy Muraya, in the nineties in Murekio style.

    I had no intention to sound condescending.

  3. pole, echo Wangu.
    Also, thanks for reminding us to update our templates

  4. Hey this skin looks really good on you.

    In response to your message, niko tu. Silence is healthy sometimes.

    Oh and aki I'm sorry, but when I read your post I was thinking you should pull a ka-loose My Best Friend's Wedding stunt.

    But like Wangu says, wako bado yupo.

    Ps/ Haiya I stripped my google ads. How do I put them back?

  5. Hmmmmmm a new template.Wasn't there anything better available?Looool!I recall you dissing mine so I had to return the favour!
    As for your pal getting married, pole sana but usijali I will be in town next year summer...

  6. @Wangu,you dont feel me you know.

    @potash, thanks. Ooh now i am a bit a youngie in Kyuk music hence guess you are right. i find that song really funny.

    @banks, kindly do, it is very refreshing

    @Ms K,If i lay what i am feeling here i will end crying here so i spare the keyboard.

  7. Hey gal

    The way you feel about this dude, I must say you do have some unfinished business...but hang in there girl, I'm sure another equally handsome one will come your way...sooner or later..

    But I can imagine the feeling...another dude off the market.....this is so crazy...

  8. Ha haha ha! That was thrilling(the video) although i have no clue what kilunda means. The non-kao part of me is like huh????!!!

  9. lovely furniture msichana, aren't you murdering animals to celebrate.

    pole for the loss of potential there... now there is no hope!

  10. @Ms K, click on adsense on the template, then save.
    @acolyte, si you know your template is simply not delicious kwa kwa are feeling kiwaru now.

    @kidada, hey..i never understood the magnitude until yesterday. Yeah we have unfinished business never to be finished.
    Aki its not about being handsome, he didnt even notice it...the way some dudes would. He was just nice.

    @kelitu, glad you enjoyed it. Kilunda is the mugithi for kaos.

    @prousette, some animals had to die you know. Thanks lakini. Its just that the breed of that dude is rare lets say in Kenya

  11. Thats it....I'm going to change my template now!!

  12. Pole dada u missed the ticket but yours coming..
    Now that house who are you threatening?
    Nataka yangu ama niseme

  13. Woye, my heart goes out to you. Why does it seem like when you spot a great guy he's taken? Or the timing is off?
    BTW, great web page! The colors look so peaceful and relaxing.

  14. hm! yet another one gone!! my oh my!! what shall become of us??