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Counting on you

This has been taken off Kibet's blog. No-one did respond to it when i linked it. I might as well write it here

I am targetting

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Wooi i know i have left many people who are happy not to be named.If i have just give me your will to help. Say what you can and not do. You can still see the pictures at

I will say to the Lord "I tried"

The home is called St. Francis Integrated School and is located in Karen close to the Giraffe centre (behind Karengata academy). The home's population is majorly orphans and the rest of the population is from single parents and other parents who cannot support their children.

It currently has a population of over 300 children from age1 to appx 17

They have semi permanent structures and one incomplete house i.e. walls and a roof but no windows, ceiling, fittings etc(this was to be a residential home for the lady who runs the home).

The structures double up as their classrooms and dormitories; In the day they move the mattresses outside/ or to the side and use them as classes and in the evening they move them back in for sleeping.

Children depend largely on their guardians/well wishers i.e. your guardian will bring you a mattress and/or clothes/pocket money. Thus if your guardian doesn't come or if you don't have a guardian you have to borrow and share a mattress for sleep at night. The living conditions make communicable diseases especially skin/fungal infections common.

The home honestly needs whatever help it can get i.e. prayers, visits, medicines, blankets, mattresses, clothes, construction of classes/dormitories, food, charcoal saving jikos, firewood, charcoal,exercise books, textbooks etc

The school's owner/caretaker is a lady called Mrs. Kibathi and she can be reached on 0721-604500


I was talking to KD another day and she was very convinced that Uhuru will have a great chance of winning the elections come next year. Sometimes i am correct,sometimes i am wrong. But Uhuru has a very low chance of becoming the next president of Kenya until 2012. Don't get me wrong Uhuru is a nice man, he even fights with hawkers in town. I don't know against or for hawkers. I am not sure.

Kenyans do not want hawkers in the middle of the city (i truly love shopping off the street don't get me wrong) but the pickpocketing that comes with hawkers is another thing i totally would love to avoid. I wonder what political statement Uhuru was trying to make when fighting for or against hawkers.

I am sorry to be one of the people to say Uhuru doesn't understand Poverty and its implications in this country. He strikes me as an activist really. Or a guy trying to prove his point. The story of Bush senior and Bush junior. In a country where the majority of us are struggling with bad roads,transport crisis,famine,floods and the rest, Uhuru's family continues to enjoy unrivaled luxury.

In his own Gatundu South constituency, poverty knows no bounds yet Uhuru has done nothing. He as a Local Government minister didn't strike me as a worker of the nation. You can tell a worker and Charity Ngilu is one, Saitoti despite his corruption record another, and so many of Kenyans.

Personally i would never vote for Uhuru. Who is on his vehicle? His close associate Ruto is now off ship. Who would be Uhuru's Ministers??

Uhuru is surely not the Kenyan Dream.


  1. Will see what I can do though I would tell you it gets overwhelming at times.

    Uhuru should work on his being a better representative of his constituency before thinking of being president.
    I do not know if you remember the time hawkers had a free for all in the CBD. You could barely walk without being accused of stepping on someone's tomatoes. The pick pockets were in full swing too. I do not want hawkers back ever. If I want to set up a business, I look for the premises and pay rent why should they be exempt? Especially since they do not pay any tax and want to leave the city filthy for someone else to clean up. Waende kabisa. Nothing personal if they set up shop in a designated area I will come and buy.

  2. Seeing as my hallowed name has been called on what I can do is see if I can harness some of the Campus ministries here to donate things like text and excercise books as those will not attract lots of customs and I think people will be less wary about giving books as opposed to money.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. @ prou and shiroh
    I remember them hawkers when they were home, they were too many, a crime magnet and an eyesore.Plus they really slowed down matatu traffic in town!

  4. In defense of uhuru Kenyatta

    First of all let be begin by saying that the attacks against uhuru Kenyatta are unjustified. People keep on talking about the poverty in gatundu like uhuru has the power to change that. Like any constituency in Kenya poverty is rife in all corners of our republic gatundu may not be the richest area in central but it is certainly not the poorest. How many of you have ever visited gatundu so that you can continue peddling propaganda you read in news papers .Aren’t the people on luo nyanza combined poorer than the people of gatundu as a whole . Should those leaders in LDP forget running for office and seek to uplift the lives of those people. Are the people in kibera so rich that odinga should vie for the presidency and uhuru disqualified because of the poor in gatundu. These are all logical question if you follow the logic being used against uhuru.

    On the question who would be uhuru’s ministers the Kanu faction uhuru leads has some of the greatest minds in Kenyan today. In comparison to the rutos and odingas they are far more capable of leading and guiding Kenya to the place we all want it to be. but so that this question can be settled I will pick just a few Yusuf hajji , Madoka ,Naikessery , Kerrow , Henry kosgey, Justine muturi ,Katana Ngala,Aden Sugow Dr Mohamed Kuti,John Sambu ,John Serut,Maoke Maore Steven ole Ntutu, Noah Too just to name a few infact all the clean people who were ever in kanu remained while all the thugs went to LDP.

    When it comes to his work ethic Uhuru is a hard worker to call him anything else is a lie .Why is it that during the no campaign he was a hard worker but today he is lazy. Is uhurus record so bad that even odingas is better. What did odinga do in all those years in government didn’t roads in Kenya get messed up while under his watch. how many schools in kibera did he build or how many people or roads in luo nyanza did he uplift .If your not voting for uhuru is because he was born with a silver spoon let it be so But let me remind you we do not choose in which family to be born .only God has that right and how different is uhuru from raila odinga when it comes to where you were

  5. LOL@ Joe - half of those names you have up there i have never heard.

    @Shi - Was talking to Aco about the books idea, I can do that but 'porting them over there might not be too easy.
    Will def do anything I can...

  6. guess you should pay closser attension to who are real leaders on the ground and not who shouts the loudest to get to the papers on a daily basis. Those who know kenyan politics well enough to make good judgement based on experience eduation and integrity have indeed heard of the names i have put foward.The good ones(remember Godana) dont shout from the roof tops of tsunamis and bananas only the empty mikebes with nothing to offer kenya

  7. hey shi, if there was a way that someone like me would be able to sponsor a student than that would help cos i reckon that it would go a long way in termsof helping those who dont have mattresses, sheets or pocket money and whatnot. that said, most people shy away from giving donations cos they are afraid that it will be misappropriated and someone somewhere will end up with new furniture and clothes. could there be a way to ensure that if i send the money its actually used for the right purposes (i am a stickler for folowing the progress of stuff i give having seen stuff end up in the wrong hands more than once)

    back home i used to take my javs form bus station and tere was nothing worse than the way we would be stuck in that small area for just ages because of the traffic jam caused by the hawkers who sometimes even used to bandika their stuff on the roads then have the audacity to yell at the drivers when their stuff was driven over. i like cheap stuff and availability but i think that an area should be set aside for them to do business where they can pay a fee and contibute to the upkeep of the place (i needn't tell you of the amount of garbage at bus station) even if it streets that are closed to traffic a couple of times a week and then they can do their thing. it also amkes it easier to find them instead of having to hunt all the time. just my two cents

  8. @Joe,
    Do not pick on me - its only now that Kenyan politics are holding my interest for more than 5 minutes (and that is long, considering I have zero attention span) and havent lived in Kenya since the mid ninties (and even then, I didnt know shit about politics/politicians. Anyway, you go pick on people your own size in knowledge and expertise in Kenyan politics

  9. guess havent you heard that not knowing is not an excuse lol just playing....i have not been in kenya for a while too. but you jua public policy is my thing and not politics .

    So can we safely say that if one is prepared to put up a post bashing certain people they should be ready to back it up !

    Three- guess i have nothing but mad love for you and the beloved kbw cohorts. i didnt mean to pic you out of the crowd but like a three year old boy who knows no other way of expressing his feeling to a dear little girl i had to pull your hair

  10. Joe, I have to stop this fisher-fish comments with you - cos I come across as bad as you - and that means me biting your 'bait' and being dragged across blogs for no reason than you declairing your 'mad love' for me. *sigh*

    I am also aware that a little knowledge is dangerous hence my reluctance to touch politics cos I am like a fish outta water (pun intended)

    Shi, ignore me, its late at night and Joe over there hasnt got a job hehehe.. (timezones withstanding)

  11. i gotta a question...
    who would you rather be prezzo come 2007?

  12. Here is my $0.02 in regards on MPs and their role in enriching their constituencies.If the roads in his area aren't sh*t, he can't really be blamed unless he is the Minister of Roads so in that case I can blame my MP Raila for the state of the roads in my area.But an MP has the responsibility to bring his people's concerns to the appropriate parties during parliamentary sessions and follow up on them.So an MP can't automatically make a constituency rich but he can take part in the passing of legislation that can draw on the major resources that his area has and tap into them for the people's welfare.
    Speaking of Ngilu what evidence is there on paper to show that the economy and quality of life of her constituents has grown by leaps and bounds since she came into power?

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  14. @Kibet, you are welcome. Waiting for that email.
    @Prous,I remember if someone kanyangad their tomatoes how hell would break loose.
    @Acolyte that would be a welcome gesture. Thanks for itikiaing the mwito
    @Joseph, you must be lucky to be among the few Kenyans who are well endowed otherwise how do i read your defence
    @Guess, thanks a lot. Anything would be much appreciated. Will see how others do it and maybe.
    @Spicey ooh thanks. I know how people have misappropriated funds. I guess donating goods is better than giving cash. Can we say someone has to be incharge of the donations we make to the school. Yes will try and talk to Kibet
    @kritik as someone said i think we can ran on auto pilot. We don't need a prezzo he he just joking. Maybe we do need someone only i don't know who.
    @Guess and Joe,hi
    @Acolyte, Ngilu tireless works in her Ministry, i don't know about her constituency. An MP is a leader who leads his constituency to development. Ever wondered why Kabete has been had Paul Muite as their MP without complaining? Kabete and Gatundu south share the same environment.

  15. shame on you! why in the world would someone post my ip information lol yes that is all my information. (even though this is the work of a kbw administrator)fortunately unlike some i dont assult women online (like poi) so i have no fear people knowing who i am and what i stand for but you are opening a can of worms you cant deal with Mr KBW.STOP POSTING POSTS IN MY NAME . aND YES THAT IS MY NEW BLOG.-THANK YOU FOR YOUR FREE ADDS BUT I DONT NEED YOU TO PROMOTE MY BLOG

  16. Shiro every time people rant about KBW especially me people are quick to label and rush to Defend KBW. What is going on is that kbw administrator/s I don’t know who. Have chosen to go around people’s blogs publishing my ip address and posting posts in my name even though the new blog is my blog for some reason they thought publishing my ip address would stop me from speaking out.

    During the poi saga I was also assaulted with anonymous emails accusing me of instigating the scandal. At the time so that the scandal could maintain its legitimacy I maintained my silence refusing to be drawn in because of my previous beef with the accused pup. Unfortunately the email address they used was only available to kbw administration and nobody else.

    Of late the harassment has increased because of my views that are strongly against KBW England leftist agenda. You and I shiro always disagree yet we have never heard an exchange of words that was not in regards to the topic of discussion. It is this kind of childish behavior from people who claim to be mature yet they go around hounding and sexually harassing women online that ticks me off.

    KBW is used to privately attack individuals while pretending to be an above board organization helping and contributing to Kenyan Blogging .Women who resist advances from this individuals are hounded off KBW or forced to block comments sections on their blogs . That is what is happening here. KBW seem to be a schizophrenic club used as entertainment by some while at the same time as a tool to hound and abuse .and when things really heat up as a cover of defense for activities other member know nothing about .