Monday, June 12, 2006

Being a cold Monday i have decided to post some useful insights from Life's Little Instruction Book. I have managed just to type 33.
Have a fantastic week

1. Compliment three people every day
2. Have a dog
3. Watch a sunrise at least once a year
4. Remember other people’s birthdays
5. Over tip the breakfast waitresses.
6. Have a firm handshake
7. Look people in the eye
8. Say ‘thank you a lot
9. Learn how to play a musical instrument
10. Say please a lot
11. Sing in the shower
12. Use the good silver
13. Learn to make great chilli
14. Plant flowers everyspring
15. Own a great stereo system
16. Be the first to say “Hello”
17. Live beneath your means
18. Drive inexpensive cars, but own the best house you can afford
19. Buy great books even if you never read them
20. Be forgiving of yourself and others
21. Learn three clean jokes
22. Wear polished shoes
23. Floss your teeth
24. Drinking champagne for no reason at all
25. Ask for a raise when you feel you’ve earned it
26. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard
27. Return all things you borrow
28. Teach some kind of class
29. Be a student in some kind of class
30. Never buy a house without a fireplace
31. Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front gardens
32. Once in your life own a convertible
33. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated

Side Bar
I have registered my phone here I don't know how its going to help my life but actually i think the idea is good.

Side Bar 2
Asante sana to many of you who responded positively to my last post for donations to the Home. I will visit the School when i can before the end of the month and keep you updated. Thanks again


  1. Hey thanks for the lessons and can I remind you to return my slippers the one you borrowed as you were going for that lunch..
    Do u hvae an idea where I can get a convertible easily no sweating and do people in Africa need fireplace in their houses..

    Lovely week

  2. Aki msichana ati now you are aibishaing me.

    Hey you welcome. Of course i know where you can get a convert lakini utalipa msichana mpaka na mdomo.Lol

    Lovely week too.

  3. that nerd is a brilliant idea kra and kenya police need something like this, so we do not have a repeat of people being thrown out of the cars they thought they owned.

    #26 we should avoid being in fights in the first place.

  4. Those are sawa points even tho as Nakeel pointed out not all of them are Kenya relevant like # 31.
    I think NERD is a good idea for Kenya if it can only get the publicity that it needs to help stop the trade in stolen goods.
    As for the school the bulk of the work can be done when folks come back from summer hols right now there are so few people in school.

  5. hey gal,

    Me likes the little instructions. Im deathly afraid of dogs... so owning one is most def not in my equation....

    have a lovely week!

  6. I like #3: I recently started running some mornings and sometimes I see the sun rising, it never ceases to make me smile.

  7. Oh I am sorry for you poor freezing people. It is gloriously hot in London (go figure - we get about three warm days in London and then complain about a heatwave!!)

    I do a few things on the list except owning a dog - and I do not like chili. I love houses with fireplaces - makes a room look so cozy.

    Have good week

  8. politics dear!
    politics... very important.
    engage in constructive political dialogue, ama?
    what about friendship na mambo hayo mengine ya mapenzi?
    nice collection.

  9. Life's little instruction must be a self improvement book. I cannot stand the damn things. I would rather read a well told story. Some of the suggestions contradict each other. For example how is one supposed to Over tip the waitress, own a great stereo system and drink champagne and still live below one's means.

  10. @Prous, i wonder if they will embrace the idea. Hopefully so.
    @Aco,thats good, you know my email add will talk.
    @movie buff, that book is nice and very simple to read. Lovely week too
    @wambui, i dont remember seeing the sun rise but well maybe i am not keen. Keep joggin i used to do the same until...
    @uaridi, it is so damn cold here especially in the morning. Have a good week too
    @kritik, politics is good, but can be disastrous. They are 100, those are just 33 so when i get the energy i will type the rest.

    @ajamaa, i know how many guys feel about the self improvement books. You read and separate the wheat from the chaff. And many have good stories too to learn from. I don't disregard them, i have learnt quite a lot.