Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lets Just say I am not Weird


1. Post six weird facts/habits about yourself.

2. These cannot be used against you later on.

3. At the bottom name the six people you will tag next. Leave them a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged and to read your blog

Disclaimer: I don't think i am weird so i have struggled to think that these things could be weird. Kudos Kipepeo and Spicey

  1. I don’t get annoyed very often but when I do it could last for a whole year. I kid you not. When I get really pissed off with someone I would like that person to deliberately avoid me for a while. But it doesn’t happen all too often.
  2. And just not getting annoyed I take really long to recover from occurrences.
  3. I forget like a kuku. It’s now becoming annoying to me. That is why if I have to do something, it has to be like now otherwise I will forget.
  4. I have very few friends but I know too many people. Ask Naks. I don’t remember going anywhere and ended up without recognizing someone.
  5. I always feel when something is about to happen to me. Great intuition I tell you.
    I can tell what kind of a person someone is from interacting with them in 5 minutes. And almost all times I turn out to be correct.
  6. I can sleep anywhere.

Blog Meet Up

To be discussec


  1. Sasa now who put a meet up on a Sunday?
    Hmmmph, let me say early, on time...sikuji mimi. Halafu, kina people like Milo and white African obviously are lounging so they dont have to work
    at 7.30 the next morning do they? Whose idea was it? Oh, you might have forgotten.....sigh.
    Anyway, me, I have a wedding to attend that sato, I TOLD you that in case you forgot you Neemo's Gold fish friend in finding neemo, so I am sure I will be nursing a hangie, plus vile I will have grooved with all those bachelors..washana naye haki. I will toka there with one slung over my shoulder screaming "I do"...or "i will".
    **My early disclaimer/RVSP so that you and Naks do not dare call and text me to kuja.**

    Onto the post.....weird...you are definitely it haki...ati you sleep anywhere. Tehe...Like those watus who errrm they are giving a speech then they fall asleep? Tehehehe, washana nayo.

    Halafuuuuuu intuition...I KNOW!! me too. Its kinda scary.

    Halafuuuuuuuuuu, forgetting? Sigh, eat fish. Rech mami, rech...eat rech, drink cod liver and stuff and seven seas..yummmmmm, I know it was not tamu when were growing up...but its the real deal now.

  2. how intuitive is no.5?

    Another meetup. Have wedding on 1st, but there's a grand prix on 2nd

  3. Asi

    I didnt know u were planning for Sunday. I had assumed 2nd was a Sato.

    Lets try for 8th ama???

  4. Wacha i talk to White African and hear what he says alafu will talk.

  5. LOL....kweli you are not weird.

    As for the meet-ups, I thought you weren't going to do them anymore? I hope you have fun though.

    Can I come via simu? Holla by text and I will do the needful.


  6. i wonder whether ur intuition is sensing what i have in store baring in mind i dont forget

  7. I also dont get annoyed but when I do.... YOU WILL PAY!

    ha ha abt sleeping anywhere..... its killing me... he he...