Wednesday, June 07, 2006


A radio discussion one morning

“ I have a boyfriend (insert some male name but I think it was Chris obviously) who loves to party. He is always out even yesterday he went for the Shaggy Concert. Chris always loves going out to parties and I am really tired of going out”

So she wanted help. I just realized some Kenyan men are just kumbaffs kabisa. They called one by one saying the way the chic should conform to the man going out and the way the chic is not doing things right blah blah blash

I felt like I could hit the damn radio to shut up!!!!!!! Now for petes sake. Kwanza one said

“Kama anapea mzee mayai boilo na yeye anataka fry” Freaking helll”!!!!!!!!!? Kufa with your opinions.

It doesn’t take a magician to realize that Chris is a little nappied toddler or is IT pampered!!!! Good gracious. Immaturity starts and ends with Chris. Kwani who said he must go to every party in this town.

Monday to Sunday Chris is either drinking or in some party WTF. Na kwani huyu Chris hachoki. The chic has suggested that Chris do take some days off the club and parties and they need their time. Chris is still bar and party hoping. Me I think Chris is Shaffie character. You know that good for nothing so called husband of Debbie Asila. I hate him coz he plays Debbie. I digress.

Fact: Chris is not married to this woman
Fiction: The woman needs to do anything to entice Chris to stay home

Reality yesterday: Chris should also sacrifice at least kaa home with the miss you know

Aki radio uncovers some Kenyan men as they are : Kumbaffs.

Some Kenyan men don’t just get their roles in relationships. The chic wants to go out sometimes, stay at home sometimes. And yawa this Chris cannot compromise. Is it me, or is this guy just terribly immature!!!

And you chic “is Chris the last man left standing in the world?”

Side Bar

Ati in the spirit of Kenyan, Kenyanism,….., I decided to use local tailors to make my suits. Yawa!!

i. Female tailors are very unreliable. It has taken me 6 months to get one suit done
ii. Even when it was done it still had numerous mistakes
iii. Male tailors are very reliable
iv. Female tailors tend to design bigger trousers
v. Male tailors tend to design tight trousers hint hint
vi. Male tailors get it almost correct
vii. The market is dominated by Luos
viii. One of the male tailors is very charming yawa
ix. I am now almost going back to sunbeam

Anyhow we are people who like foreign but for a good measure.

We like quality
Quality at a cheaper cost
We know what quality is

One day JKE was wondering why Nakumatt import furniture. It hit me, it would almost be very hard to get a very reliable furniture maker.

The influx of Dubai clothes and other outfits is as worse as dumping can go. They have been dumping their cheap things here which wear out after 3 washes. What happened to anti dumping laws?

We love football
Football made in England
Football made in Germany
Football made in Italy

What do I say?

I have been trying to love our fundis. Yes I have tried. I am not going to give up until I get one. I am sure she is there.

Edit One

Has anyone read this post on The Great Kenya about St Francis? It started here.

What can you do..the 4k Club life members. Isn't it funny that the School is located at Karen and the school is in such a deplorable state. Anyone for the forces?

Maybe the theme for the Social Responsibility been touted by the KUL papas could start here.


  1. i liked this,
    [And you chic “is Chris the last man left standing in the world?”]
    there are so many of us out there, but do i say!

  2. true, football made in the Netherlands ...

    as for shopping vs fundis, I won't go there, but I so feel you... I have yards and yards of material, but no trustworthy fundi in sight... will keep checking back here in case suggestions pop up.

  3. Either Chris is spoilt or he’s not happy at home. I think it’s the latter and he’s telling the chick she can pack up and go, or break up

    With tailors’ be very specific with what you want, down to the last inch and detail. don’t allow them any creativity

  4. Chris should grow up, and the chic too should be open to the possibility that he would rather live in a perpetual party mode and consider other options.

    Breakfast radio shows have shown some very kumbaff descendants of Adam, and eve as well.

    Hebu you see me kando I link you up with my fundi. She does a superb job, has here unreliable moments but as good as a fundi can get.
    I limit myself to clothes fundis only because the maajabu I have seen them do; like this one who made a door that only a four foot tall person could pass through and insisted that it was OK that way.

  5. LOL I'm not touching that Chris thing!!! And Prou you think Breakfast is mbaya, try Hits not Homework on Capital at 7 pm. I get a headache just listening to the promo.

    About fundis, call Madge on 0722-292933. She's pretty good with suits but like Banks says, do not allow for any creativity. Specify and list down EVERYTHING!!!

    LOL lakini I have lost so much money cos trying to get fundis to do fancy things!!!! I've sworn to stick to basic suits.

  6. I say it's the mama's fault ... 100% and I don't think I stand to be corrected.

    Why does the good saying "Give the camel an inch and he'll take a mile come to mind?"

    This camel has not only taken the mile, he's taken the tent, the food, etc etc

    And the girl wants help??!!!

    Time to pose the big question? Do men change? I think not ... it's easier for the woman to change, bend over backwards, break her back in the process then look for her own money to go for physiotherapy.

    Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou??!!

  7. I like the way u tell multiple stories at one go and it still turns out beautifully.

    Have met a few chris's and they have different hobbies. in one case, it's sitting at home and all statements start with 'Me' or 'I' and at the end, he still feels sorry for himself after all that self-glorification. U finally say, take a hike dude!

    I tuned in to one Capital FM online one day...I just wondered!

  8. @KD above LOL you done gone and taken the words right out of my mouth (and that has nothing to do with the camel that took everything)

    As for Fundis - well I got nothing to say past that in this country, you might as well buy a new outfit than take it to be 'repaired' - and that goes for everything else - especially electrical appliances

    Ms K - I am looking up Madge, and You, when I get back there :)

  9. another kenyan male bashing post from shiro . i must say it doesnt come as a shock you did it again . i want to go into my usual response but i have an even better suggestion . i work with some very good jamaas not kenyans . wazungu wa kila aina short,tall fat ,skinny. the make good cash(insert american standards of good cash) mad wealthy kenyan standards maybe i can hook you up so u dont have to keep bashing kenyans guys just get them out of your hair once and for all

  10. aHEM, are back eeh? Aki ask everyone who listens to those radio stations.

    Kwani you didnt see the name "Some".

  11. I have to come back in all my glory!Some mamas are kubaffs!She needs to realise that is the way this man is!If she found him as a party addict she should know that it will take forever for him to change!Don't forget there are many mamas like that coz these joints that are open daily are not men only establishments!Plus some men dont get their role in relationships because the roles havent been defined!I bet this mama hasnt had a heart to heart talk with the dude about it.
    Instead she just nags and that makes him want to go out even more!
    Plus Debbie knew what she was getting into when she hooked up with Shaffie, I was once their when she busted him red handed catching strokes with another mama and she still took him back!Plus if a dude like clubbing it doesnt mean that he is a dogger!There are dudes who stay at home and play their chics like a chess board!
    Much as I do not promote tribalism, I must concur that most of the good tailors I have come across have been Luos.I think you have just come across the wrong female tailors.Give it time and you will find a good one!
    Yes lots of the foreign stuff we get is crap.But in terms of soccer, if the powers that be have turned our local sport into shambles what to do?Anyway let me pass by your link..

  12. @Joseph
    What's your take on the situation? These things happen all the time in this here republic ...

  13. @Jp, we should call the radio station and hook her up with your namba right?
    @Mama Mia,i had never thought it wise to have tailor made clothes for a long time. You remember the fundis of the days right...
    @bankelele,you think it is anyones duty to make men happy right? And furthermore it is not her husband..if he is not happy take a bounce.
    @Prousette, thankfully you think Chris is just immature. I so do. Hebu wil talk kando.
    @Ms K, that is easy. Where is she at? I have never thought of fundis and fancy clothes. Suit. I hear you.

    @kd, is it more of a donkey and bending. yeah the mama has agreed to take it all on her back and then cry wolf.
    Of course men never change, but si you know what goes on between two people no one can explain. maybe chris is expected to change some day..I have been wondering how?
    @ak, tell me that one. Ati self glorification. Aki thanks. Multi tasking is my name. Its alright to have hobbies but not which cramp my style
    @acolyte, the mama might be a kubaff for staying there i agree. Chris the constant party man.But tell me what is great about 365-24-7 partying. Ooh she has talked to him about it or at least that is what she said.
    It is not tribalism, but Luo tailors are good,that is true.I didnt say that being a party mundu makes you a dogger but makes you very prone to dogging he he he.
    I like male chauvinism as displayed here, you bet i am kidding.

  14. And last Joseph. I wonder if you realize that what you said was out of context.
    I am not male bashing anyone. I am just speaking of tabia mbaya and immaturity as displayed by Chris. It is not healthy for even this nation that some of its productive members of the society are forever in a party mode. I bet even for a chic its not healthy and there are women like that.

    i work with some very good jamaas not kenyans . wazungu wa kila aina short,tall fat ,skinny. the make good cash(insert american standards of good cash) mad wealthy kenyan standards maybe i can hook you up so u dont have to keep bashing kenyans guys just get them out of your hair once and for all
    And that Joseph is very offensive.

  15. this post is sadly so true of a lot of men. Joseph thing is this not alll men but quite a good number of them are like that...that is the drama of breakfast shohws the more drama the more the fans.

  16. Thanks Gish, some cant take as it is, bad tabia mbaya that is

  17. i didnt mean to be offensive shiro .and i am totaly sorry if i came across as offensive(tabia of being offensive i have stopped).if you were not bashing kenyan jamaas it didnt come across like that .And my offer is not in bad taste coz this jamaas here want to hook uo with kenyan women

  18. @ shiroh
    I guess the same way there are some people who are home bodies (like me) and love their house and their space, there are people who love being among others in the club.Lakini mamas should also know when to give up.That taabia of staying with a mboff mano and then whineging about it to all and sundry has to stop!

  19. hy iam a 30 yr old lady i have chris in the neighbourhood who claims to be in love with me but doesnt help m at all is it possible to be linked up with a cool rich mzungu.otherwise i reall luv these article.... m email

  20. Dear Ms 30 year old the term cool rich muzungu is a rather nebulas term . in order to get you the right match you have to be more specific than this

  21. Ngai baba our women have turned to be internet hookers,