Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moving on?

Who wants a job? Revisited

Bankelele started it; I am carrying it on. Thanks for the link

Today I just posted another application for employment. Now why? I cannot resist the urge to be employed. So I am going to BEAT the urge here where no one can hear me. Forgive me for the scant thoughts.

This question at interviews is at risk

“What are your plans for the next 5 years?”
None. Ok sorry not in this company.

Forgive me Lord but if I lie it’s because I don’t expect to be in the damn company after 2 years but I have to fake it and mutter

“Rise in the company ladder as a result of maximum pressure and back breaking hard work!

I break my back??? Be realistic!

I am sure others have given more intelligent answers so help me there..

Unnecessary answer: after 5 years? I will be out of your company stealing your clients.

Are you ready to work for long and strenuous hours and meet strict deadlines?

Honestly I don’t think so…I don’t believe in deadlines especially strict ones. But I am ready to work for normal and flexible hours. Not on weekends most definitely

I would like two months leave; April and August when the kids (assuming you have any) are closed so we may take a holiday.

That would mark end of interview so intelligently I will say

“Yes that is my modus operandi”

After which I will be read the company policies and regulations (read how to create more money for your employer)

A good employee:

Doesn’t oversleep- he can get fired.

Wears a corporate face, drives the corporate car and maintains the corporate image- Not his

Thinks, walks, his job- to maintain it

Could risk his family- not his job…

Act one
X had planned dinner with his family but the boss states that he has to work on a bit more to save a client.

Picks up the phone
“Honey I am sorry I can’t make it for dinner, I have to work late”

A distant voice (the daughter)
“Why daddy….but you promised”

He hangs up feeling so guilty. Rushes to his boss
“Yes Sir”

Boss leaves instructions and drives off to meet his mistress.

End of year: No increment in salary,. More complaints and targets raised higher.

You lose either way. Bwehehehe

Now I know why everyone loves Rich Dad Poor Dad, it tells you to be the investor, to be the owner. To stop being the company slave!!! In short enslave others.

And then he sells millions of copies. I could have figured that out by myself!!!!right?

I have found a very good link which I will share for guys who are brave enough to overcome the fear of being (UN) employed.

BOOKS ( I have read)

The Richest Man in Babylon
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Several finance books studied in CPA especially Financial Management –I.M.Pandey

Book I haven’t read but I hear are good

Think and Grow Rich –Napoleon Hill
There is even one for blacks now

I am sure they are few entrepreneurs lurking in the blogosphere who can share more resources.

I hope I can start something before the fire dies. It is really now or NEVER. Anyone with a lot of money and wants to partner?

And after that I will read widely on “How to motivate your employees” and make them pay for it!!!!


  1. inspiring. It's about the courage to take the plunge, forsake the office comforts of slaving/employment and start one's shop/kiosk/firm/whatever. The tools are there brain, mobile phone, contacts etc.
    Many more tools here(

  2. All the best in entrepreneurship. Its not easy but its soooo worth it!

    Besides the links, read books of successful start-ups (preferably those written by the founder.
    That is sure to give you 1000 times more energy.

    Some i like are...
    -Direct from DELL
    -The Making of McDonald's

    A friend of mine just gave me "The Richest Man In Babylon"

    but ooopppppssss
    coz i've too much book-backlog.

  3. The working-late-while-boss-bonks scenario gets me very pissed off. I'm reading this after leaving work earlier than usual jana (read official end of working day according to contract) to watch movie with very significant other when boss calls me and offers to send office car to collect me to work on "some changes on the scripts" damnit.

    Need advertising/"brand-building communication" and other such things when you set up your biz? Give me a call he he he.

  4. There are interview questions that I find downright dumb but it seems it is the in-thing to ask them.

    What is your vision? Mine is 50/50
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If I survive that long in here, you mean? I want your job, terrifying new recruits should be so much fun

    I think I am developing a very bad attitude.

    There is no way in hell I would miss an occassion important to my significant other for a boss who would not care less whether I lived or died.
    Whenever such a thing arises I call on a very important clause in my contract I do not do overtime.