Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dating is a game- Play it

Someone has pissed me off today hadi i had to write this. So this guy sees a pretty chic, pursues her, kamatas the goods and then do the usual thing BOUNCE!

While i don't think the guy is really a nice person or anything; i think the woman is mad or nuts. SHE CALLS HIM AFTER EVERY 10 MINUTES; JUST TO HEAR HIS VOICE.

He has told her while we all hear that he wishes not to hear from her.

So now what is wrong with the mama?"

My word is as good as yours count your losses and move on woman!!!! The dude doesn't feel anything about you and he just wanted to KAMATA DAME, ZUNGUSHA DAME.

How many women have never been in such a situation. Now calling this man all the time, he hangs up on you; madharau and well you guessed he is not playing hard to get. HE IS JUST NOT INTO YOU!!!!!

Kwani some people are not happy just to get out of train??

Well this is my advice for women who chase men, it just doesn't work.

Obey the rule; don't be available.

And that is not a cliche'


  1. Good to know you're still around.A chic has to make herself not to easy to catch and also not to hard to catch!
    I think a woman can still pursue a man and save face.But there is alot of tact to it.
    This whole not being available thing as a mean's of getting a man's attention only works to a certain point, then he forgets you exist!
    And that too is not a cliche!

  2. She needs to be chapwad slaps....
    just kidding...

    But seriously.. why make a fool out of yourself like that? She needs to think outside the box, if the man really wanted to talk to her, he would. So now??? Lawd have mercy!!!

  3. where are u bloggin from madamme?
    nice to have u back hope all is well

  4. There goes my confirmations that some chiles need some major slaps of the mwaki. And their friends need to slap her ASAP.

  5. I will give my not so humble opinion ex blog... Its controversial...

    A. The heads of the story:

    A woman has it all...

    A man calls you, picks you from your home, takes you out, buys you drinks, shags you senseless, and drops you home. When ever has a woman done that for a man?

    B. The tails of the story:

    A man loves the chase...

    Play hard, he likes you more...

    Play harder, he just might get to love you...

    Play hardest, he thinks your a bi*** and moves on...

    C. At the end of the day

    Whichever the case, as a man I like the chick that will not say yes immediately but at the same time wont say no forever... Keep me in suspense kiplanni and you will keep me LOL

  6. When you are not in the infatuated/in love situation, it is easy to look at the chick and say: Let go sister he feels nothing for you. But when you are the one deep in that situation it is difficult, we have all been there (well some of us have) and can empathize with the chick. You know when you feel like without the jamaa you will just die!! Give the chick a break. Sometimes people need to learn the hard way (tough love)

  7. There is more to this story, mos def --- like the chick might have told the guy some of those white lies that are not supposed to mean anything---you know, handle me gently you are ny first...or the famous i will give only for today so dont get attached

    Or the guy just needs some space.

    In any case, guys know better than mess with dandass like that one---give an inch and she will end up pregnant.

  8. LOL....kumbe Milo is still with us!!! Good!

    To be honest, this chic needs a serious beating on her kisogos aka NGOTOZ!!! Ati calling the jamaa just to hear his voice.......BULLSHIT.

    On the other hand....being naive to a jamaaz charms coz you patiad him your goodies can cause tunnel vision to most of us chics. Stalker tendancies...LOL!!!

    Aki life is funny!!! Esp. when you hear such stories. Even when they make you mad at the time.

  9. calling a chap to hear his voice???and he clearly doesn't want to hear anything from you? eishhh buy a radio...at least it won't hang up on you :-)

    ebu gota that chick on the head like mocha said...ngoto mbili zatosha!

  10. Remember Fatal Attraction?
    Those two richly deserve each other.
    The chic for playing too hard to get then being kamatwad too easily and the guy for kamataing goods and shtepping. Wacha wamenyane.

    Lakini for making a nuisance of herself just to hear his voice this chica needs ngotos.