Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can You keep a secret


Inspired by the book I read over the weekend Sophie’s Kinsella’s

For a long time I thought my mother loved my sis more than me because she was named after her mother.

I burned my brother’s thigh with a pan when we were cooking eggs when he was young and told him not to tell the folks (what with the beatings?)

I have actually gained 10kgs since I left campus

I hated my friend who told me “they can not take you at KQ (unsolicited advise mind you) why the fuck would I want to go to KQ.

I bloody hate Cornflakes

I stopped wearing G-strings after I read that they can cause disease.

I hate staying with relatives in our house.

I sneaked out of school many times in Class 2.

I have been late to classes most of my life. I simply couldn’t wake up.

Funny how I am never late for work.

I didn’t like the thought of my mum having another child. Now I adore my lil brother who is only 5.

I feel responsible for my parent’s separation.

I cry in the salon especially when they put me in the drier (LMAO) so I put up the magazine I am reading up so nobody sees me. I wonder why

I am damn afraid of getting married ( I probably fear failure of it)

I once had a crush on my teacher.

I hate been caught gossiping (one of the persons I dislike most in the world is the one who I told something about my best friend then in high confidence then she went to tell that person what I had said (can you keep a secret?)

My hair is not natural (it has been cooked)

I didn’t know how to speak fluently in Kiswahili until I went to High School, in my primary school it wasn’t allowed to speak in any other language than English.

I actually did score 99% in English in Primary School. I am ashamed just how bad my English has become now.

I still fear my Primary school Head Teacher (inside) Lol.

I fought to be allowed to wear trousers (my grandmother didn’t allow girls to wear trousers)

I don’t like my paternal grandmother and some of her off springs.

I just pretended that I am working.

The bloody worksheet is taking too long to load and I have to pretend that I am working

I can’t trace my birth certificate, so I can’t get a passport.

I am your wonderful procrastinator

A habit I have beat till I have almost overcome

I labor to keep my room tidy. I am not a very tidy person.

I know I will leave Kenya before end of the year 2007. I just can’t seem to find my birth certificate.

I am a pretty closed up person yet I talk pretty much to people I am familiar with.

My mother, my close friends don’t know I blog. Some have no clue what it is

I have never really been in love (or is it felt loved?)

I threw away the panty my granny gave to me on Christmas day.

I only own two dresses. I can only wear one.

I really love short clothes; skirts, dresses but I rarely wear them.

One time I wore a short skirt and some tout said that it was too short and I was very horrified incase they thought of stripping me in town (put embarrassing face there)

When we were young I hit my sister on the back, she fell and I thought she had died. I said so many prayers

I fear dogs (?@ !)

And I hate cats

I basically fear most animals

I can’t take a bicycle ride or on a bodaboda. I think I would alight before I got where I was going and fall.

A study need to be conducted on why I have been blogging for so long

I hope you people will buy from Amazon and help me earn some cents (please people I am broke!)

I once thought my hairdresser was gay.

When I was younger I used to feign a headache so that I am told not to wash the dishes.

I won’t tell you any more of my secrets now.

Ebu take the cue and tell us your secrets





  1. I love this secret things though I have very few interesting secrets.
    Will see if I can do it justice.

    How you keeping meanwhile?

  2. what do you mean you can't get a passport coz huna birth cert? i can get you one. yaani if you are not born again.

  3. Brilliant post!

    Lol @ telling your brother to keep his injury a secret. I threw a rock at my sister and it hit her in the face. She suffered a small but deep cut (scar is still there today) yaani you should have seen me styling her hair with a fringe to cover it up. Needless to say my mum found out and er yes I was promptly disconnected.

    Seeing as I a homeless bum (blogwise) hope you don’t mind if I post my secrets here tee hee, ill keep it clean I promise!

    I am addicted to buying shoes, I like the buzz that I get when shopping and when I get home I dump the purchases in the back of the closet. It got me into a lot of financial problems when I was 18 but now it’s under control.

    I like to play with men’s feelings by telling them what they want to hear. Its mean and yes I am going straight to hell but its fun!!

    Other than my family members, nobody else knows that I have Lupus. It’s an incurable illness which affects the immune system, I have learnt to manage it and other than the tiredness I still lead a “normal” life.

    I envy tall women and wish I was taller.

    I had the opportunity to become the mistress of an extremely wealthy white married man living in the West Indies but I turned down the offer because it went against a lot of my principles. I don’t regret it but when I read about him and his company in the news, I sometimes wonder what if.

    I love skinny dipping but can’t swim to save my life.

    I am a very shy person yet find it very easy to strike up a conversation with strangers.

    I like to look a certain way so I don’t dress casually nor do I own sneakers/trainers and would never be caught dead in braids. A lot of people call me uppity. I don’t care.

    I have met and interact with a lot of people through KBW, but I only intend to meet up with one blogger – Nick.

    This was fun! Have a great day.

  4. This list is deep!
    Wacha I go to class then I will comment!
    Confessions by Usher should be playing in the background...

  5. Thanks. I will do my "secrets" write-up hivi karibuni.

    "Stopped wearing G-strings?"
    How then do you prevent the panty lines from showing?

    "I'm afraid of getting married "
    I used to feel the same until i met Mr.Right a.k.a Mr.Nice.

    90% of the people i know (inluding myself) have very poor relationships with their paternal side.

    I ALSO can’t trace my birth certificate...i need it ASAP and i've NEVER bribed in my life!!!!!!!!!!

    "I really love short clothes; skirts, dresses but I rarely wear them"
    ME TOO!!!
    Its Summer & i've tried most but looks like i've outgrown them

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  7. Hey Shiroh,

    Thanks for introducing me to Ms Kinsella.
    Loving her!

    Loving the list as well!

  8. I love g-strings especially the brazilian ones.

    One solution to hiding panty lines is to wear the seamless underwear from Victoria's Secret..amazing invention.

    Pretty cool list.

  9. Thanks for sharing your secrets. Some are funny, others unique. I'll buy something from Amazon after payday=)

  10. Hey hun.
    Love that book!! A wonderful blond day read.

    The bit where she really wants a promotion,to show off to her folks and evil sister, so she tells her boss eti she just wants the title "Emma Corrigan, Marketing Executive" so she will even print her own business cards so it will cost the Company nothing killlsss me!!!! Tihiii, she is a cool peoples Emma. I like her.


    I have developed a mad mad crazy fetish for tall, dark, big bodied men who must've played rugby.
    Big boned/big bodied...think Jay Z.
    Yeees. Short ones wont fly...neither will thin/slim ones. I am lovin' 'em well fed.
    They gats mad stamina haki...they hug me nice, make me feel safe...they are such gentlemen, they are freakyyyyy, they have beautiful souls...tall, dark and big bodied....the life and soul of the party!!

  11. hilarious, but tell me, Why on earth would you sneak out of class in class 2? to do what? LOOOL! Dont like relatives staying either. And don't like my paternal relatives period.

  12. This my confessions laughed vilivyo...

  13. @Prou, i am keeping well. Please i am sure you have some bones in the closet.

    @Bomseh, si we talk.

    @D-shy, LMAO
    As to how did you become a blog squatter?
    Nick, i can send you his photo.
    I am really sorry about Lupus but you so positive.Ok so i know that secret now.

    @Kagz, boxer look a like panties do a wonderful job.
    I am sure you got so many secrets.

    @Movie Buff, yeah that woman is mad. I can't stay with her book for many two days. So hilarious. Ati i broke my virginity when my parents were watching Ben Hur.

    @Princess, i used to once but i was told i can get sick. Ok will visit Secrets in Sarit and see

    @GND, its funny to imagine how many secrets you have. Thanks for encouragement.

    @KM, uhoro waku kamum?
    Now that i remember that book was on your list. Its so hilariously written. I feel like her sometimes.
    Kwanza there is a part she wanted to become a photographer. Harafu ri
    she writes
    " Except it didn't happen like that" Ngai thekete ma.
    Alafu stealing the gucci bag and the shoe. And that evil Jemimah woman placing cold water on the wardrobe. some people are nuts.

    Harafu "Where are those men? Or which specific one is this???

    1/2 and 1/2: How are you? Ati why did we sneak? I simply don't know. But we used to go and stay in the loos until class is over. Some we would sneak out of the school to go and look for Zambaraus.

    @Naks, share some gal


  14. Girl have you got issues, do you ever get out of the house?
    If you so I suspect that every few minutes or so you bump into someone who is privy to one or more of your secrets.
    But do not despair, you might have a load of them but then everyone has something they would rather keep intact.