Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How to...the Kenyan way

How to spoil a good breakfast show

Nation Fm (Now EasyFM)

I would have been forgiven to think that the answers to the question
"Name the three Musketeers "
Munene, Ted and Ngatia

When they existed they cracked me up. Their laughter more than their jokes hilarized me. They had an infectious laughter and would laugh at people and brighten our days. Now the joke that Kenyans are never thought this was a perfect arrangement and instead brought us a character by the name Bernard Otieno who i have no grudge with apart from his serious talk and stale jokes.

Nothing beats a good joke in the morning and infectious laughter.

Classic FM
This is what has made me write this post anyway.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi alias Filgonas combination somehow worked. This was becoming the biggest breakfast show. Rumour has it that Queen B couldnt take it anymore and her too wanted to go to Classic and hence someone had to go.

I don't like Valentine Njoroge, not for her obvious lack of character but she isn't just a good Breakfast presenter. Truth be told. Even me i have been told i cannot make a model and thats just the truth or rather i don't look like Angelina Jolie/KM lookalike (tihihi) with or without the pout (I love her).

Either way breakfast shows Valentine is not where you discuss whether a one night stand is good or not. We all know its good so lets move on and be funny. Or if its ok to for a young guy to date Wambui Otieno..who cares. Its time to laugh.

How to kill a Redkyulas Show

Just stop being funny.

The first Redkyulas show was hilarious. We actually did Roll on the Floor Laughing out Loud but since then Red Corna/kyulas is no longer funny.

Vitimbi is more hilarious my friends and Vioja Mahakamani. Those guys have original jokes. I cannever get enough of Mzee Ojwang. Haki the guy should be awarded some award of sorts.

I watch TV less and listen to the Radio lesser, i am sure it would have been more easier to give more ways to kill good things if i did watch and listen more.

Feel free to add on your own how to.....

Is it just me or the employer pays enough to cater for your transport to and from work and to keep going to work. Entrepreneurship anyone?

Thanks a lot AfroMusingsand Ms K for your commitment with the kids. Going there on Sunday so if you are interested, holla.