Monday, August 08, 2005


On Saturday i met two different people,one was 40 going fifty and another just 18. The former was a guy who i spent about two hours with and the latter a chic who i spent well over 5 hours with .
The Guy
He is already a wealthy man i can tell. He wants to relaunch a product in the market you would be better off not wondering what is my stake in his relaunch. NO less than a connoisseur with women he tells me.
The Chic
She is in college. Has dreams, wealthy dreams. She is set to get her masters by the time she is 22. And retire by the age of 25 having made money (i guess loads of it) and then settle her family.
i am not wealthy, and i don't even have those dreams. Life is handing me some experience i seriously don't know where i am going. I just wake up every day, go to the office, do some stuff then go home.
i feel in between.

They get to tell me about their relationships
The guy is married with six children. He loves his wife very much but tells me a man must dog because he is a man .
The chic tells me that she is bored with the college blokes and can't stand them they are immature.She accounts for the man she ever felt for as a bad boy who treats her badly. "Imagine i knew he was playing me but i didn't know i was the other woman...She should have talked to me nicely then i would have left her man alone but now that she was rude i wont leave him." Deep down i am thinking that i have been there done that. Yet i silently watch her as she talks, NOT SAYING A WORD. I better let her experience first hand. When it comes to men i better be quiet.

The guy tells me that all women need is GOOD SEX . That he has learnt to treat women badly apart from in the bed. That if you treat a woman well she uses you . And he has discovered that Nairobi women cannot be with you if you are not paying for her flat, her car you know.
I know for a fact that i don't want to be treated badly but paying the flat looks like a good idea. (did i just say that)

My sis says i behave like i am 30. I am 23 years of age but not of experience. I have lived the age of a 30 year old from as young as i can remember. Now i want to be 23 somebody tell me how!


  1. A little lesson from some one older (this is the first time I get to use this line so indulge me)
    The key to happiness in life is BALANCE.
    Too much that upsets the balance of the whole person and you start having problems.
    LOL @ all a woman needs is GOOD SEX. aie!! what about flowers and chocolates I need those and ain't I a woman!

  2. Players, male or female, have esteem issues.
    40 year old
    Jamaa, from the post:
    (a) is fearful of being used
    (b) cannot believe someone would care for him were it not for his money or bedskills
    18 year old
    She is hurting herself to get back at someone else... Talk about taking poison in the hope that someone else will die from it...

    As long as you are 23, you have 23 years of experience... They may not be in areas you would have wanted, but they are there! Don't compare yourself to others. I take my days 3 at a time:
    (a) yesterday: for guidance on mistakes not to make and encouragement from successes achieved
    (b) tomorrow: for inspiration on what dreams I want to achieve
    (c) today: my big chance to work towards tomorrow's goals using yesterday's guidance and encouragement

    Afterall, life is just a repetition of those 3 days...

    Eish, I've blogged on your blog - pole...

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  4. @Prousette, i take that very serious.That balance is what i need in my life.
    @Milonare, you can't have said it better

  5. For the 22yr-old-Dang! she's gotta get real with herself.She is the other woman.(HALLO?) She should face that. That guy is already using her and already cheating on his wife so what makes her think he won't replace her too.

    One thing I know for sure is a cheater is always a cheater and no woman can change a cheating man not even his mother. She needs to either leave and find herself a real man or stay and subscribe for kleenex coz she's in for weeping..

    The 40 yr-old man, try as much as one can to not date a Mr.Family Man coz once the wifey finds out drama! drama!And this guy better be kidding by saying he loves his wife and kids, yet he goes sleeping around, ain't no love there but lust girl, thats what I know for real.

    An ounce of ad from a 'younger one', if you looking for love,look within yourself and you'll get enough, then the rest falls into place with time.It all starts from within that I know for sure.

    Loved your post! It made my day& made me less homesick and girl u gotta call your moms like now!

  6. Love the post & all the wise commenst above. I draw inspiration from both 'ancient' & modern thinkers like DMX who says "Do You", i.e. do what feels right, works best, is in the best interests for you.
    Ditto everyone on the 40 yr old not being sincere in declaring his love for wifey & kids. In reality he may be "The Man" away from home who knows...wifey wears the pants in the house maybe? Pay for a woman's flat & some other dude will be sleeping in it...
    Good sex with no genuine loving is as good as having a rental car. Drives good & all but you know you'll have to turn in someday.
    -The 22yr old...get masters, work & retire by 25? I wish her luck, unless she's planning to sell microchips or blow(cocaine) succeess doesn't come in a flashflood.

  7. eish ati getting back at someone by sleeping with their clever!

  8. nice blog. very nice...keep it up. there was an article in the Saturday magazine on Nation. It was titled "Lonely at the Top"...

  9. Lovely post and I know i havent anything to add on the above comments, but Milo, wow, nice. Can I borrow that outlook of 3 days at a time dude?

  10. MILONARE, i got a poem in your honour
    Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
    Look to this Day!
    For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
    In its brief course lie all the
    Verities and Realities of your Existence.
    The Bliss of Growth,
    The Glory of Action,
    The Splendor of Beauty;
    For Yesterday is but a Dream,
    And To-morrow is only a Vision;
    But To-day well lived makes
    Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
    And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.

    Look well therefore to this Day!
    Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!

  11. Someone once told me "Talk to me, and let me listen to you, and later when you have finished I will tell you whether you are strong enough to face life".

    Well I have listened and all I can say is your more than prepared to walk this journey called life.

    Well done:

  12. @shiroh
    Awwww... Shucks... In my honour... Azande zana...

    Feel free. I read a lot of John Maxwell to learn these things...

  13. Hey Shiroh, you're wiser than your 23 years on this planet Earth.

    But do take a walk on the wild side sometime soon!

  14. Nice post.

    I am 40 and I deny that I was the one. It wasnt me!!!(x4)

    But honestly I feel that both are lying to each other and they know it. Each has what the other wants- period. I am not supporting it in any way- I got a 20 year old daughter and I would hate to see her with an agemate! Brrr

    Do you feel me?

  15. Remember when you were really young? it was an era of inconsequential innocence, even at that age your imagination was larger than large.
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  16. Sad ... the situation
    Nice ... the post