Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Nick knows very well that he doesn't have anything to say and that's why he blames the telephone. I want to help him pay the bill or better still i can start a fund if he can disclose how much is owing to Telkom. Sio uchokozi but after lying on it a few days i am convinced that in modern Kenya Telephone lines JUST DON'T GO DEAD, they are disconnected due to bills. You know Guess left in the days when Phones just went dead for no reason and when she came back for a visit mobile phones had taken over and there were no house phones any more.

My back aches and aches badly is that a reason enough not to post.


  1. @Nicko - what says you - should we do a kaharambee for you phone bill?

    Shiroh - As far as I know, he is just looking for excuses - seeing as he can comment on other people's blogs, but cant update his own!

  2. Hi Shiroh

    Hahaha - yani concubine has spoken... Nick, roomie, concubined say sum'thin...

    Pole kwa maumivu...

  3. woi.. don't be conned by Nicko!! that fala is a dentist.. and you can bet he is laying down the hurt on his patients.. on their wallets that is!!

    get well soon Shiroh! :-)

  4. 1.Wow a whole post on me: i'm really touched ni wendo!
    2.Now my concubine-u Ihumoa u!whu unot tellin them who(thats right) is the reason for ur back pain
    3.Haki those guys are saying ati there is a spoilt cable....for the past 2weeks. now am stuck in some cyber cafe bloggin away like mad
    4.Dentist kitu gani S!?
    5.Milo:ebu help a brada out
    6.Guess:how come u never say ur back is aching?

  5. @guess, you agree wit me.
    @Milonare, he has finally spoken, but i am not convinced otherwise
    S!i am ok,can you imagine Nick Boo is saying he is causing the back ache..ha
    @Nick, just an appeal so that guys can changia you to pay phone bills.Wendo ni mingi