Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do they know

Things parents should know

That I am a gal just like any other
Just like any other girl, I can get pregnant
Just like any other gal I, men can look at me with intentions
Not every man I talk to is my boyfriend
When I go for a night out, it is not that I have been sleeping with anyone
It is not everyday that I must pass exams
My friend is not spoiling me, I am spoiling them
Telling me not to do something doesn't mean I won't do, I will only be more careful
Being home early doesn't mean I am innocent
That when I say Yes, is to please them
One day I will be married.


  1. Hahhaaa, nice hilarious list! With you on most of those!

  2. now girl tell us what they don't know....mmmmh hhmmmm!!

  3. Cute list. Wonderful journal. I love the just because I am home early, doesn't mean I am innocent.

  4. Can I send you my dad's email add? He needs to be informed!

  5. @poi, we are together i see,
    @prousette, they know but they act like they don't
    @nick, give me sometime then you will know what they don't know
    @court ,thanks
    @farmgal, i will be looking for more

  6. @sunflower, of course i can get your dad's email.

  7. Why is it that being a parent and believing that are apparently mutually exclusive?