Thursday, August 11, 2005

For the sake of it

I am so proud of Farmgal,she is done something i look forward to doing one day. Opening her own business.Surely after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, i know for a fact that being employed can never make any one rich or wealthy for that matter.

BTW, In my country belonging to a minister's province is bliss. Raila allocated the biggest budget to Bondo constituency. Ngilu allocated 10 ambulances to Eastern Province and the rest of us 2 ambulances...Am i the only one realising.Ooh why is my MP not a minister?Next time, one will have to make a promise that they possess skills and are close enough to the president to become a minister,No less.

Since Nick already has wifey and mistress, i wil take the position of concubine. I am very content now what i need is to know the benefits that accrue at the third position. We all know that the youngest woman on the block always has the most least i hope Nick knows that.

Well here it goes a fixation with Mt. Etna....


  1. My nephew Nick appears to the most popular blogger in KBW: a blog wife, a blog mistress and now a blog concubine!

    Best of luck in your endeavours, Shiroh, like Farmgal, you too can make it. l am sure of this.

  2. Haiya,

    Nick is in the mix... To those who have, more will be given...

    I loved Rich Dad Poor Dad. I also loved the Richest Man in Babylon (George Clason) that was along similar lines. All the best in your business endeavours!!!

  3. Auuuuuu
    damn, isnt the guy suposed to know about the concubine??? was that u jana??? ebu unleash the benefits?
    nice pic

  4. galfie I pray that one day you'll have your own business. Its a hard road but am sure when it takes off vizuri, its well worth it!

  5. I'm sure u too can do well in a bizna jus as Farmgal.All the best.

    Hahha Nick is popular.Before he takes up all the girls in here better make him the KBW

    Nice pic girlfie!

  6. Yes, we are supporting our Farm-gal
    Nice picture you have there.

    As for biz, I'm sure you can succeed if you put your mind (and efforts and money and time and ...) well, knew I wouldnt get rich if i was on anyone's payroll LOL

  7. ati Nicko's concubine? this is a jamaa who has chibas and fanta for lunch, and steals chilli sauce and chutney when the staff aren't looking!

    poley Shiro.. there will be no benefits for you here.. *shakes head in disappointment*

  8. was looking for a blog on kenya and happened upon yours. very well written i must say. the story of the little girl striving to get an education brought tears to my eyes.keep up the great job !

  9. hehehe kweli - yani who would have thought a spider costume would give nicko so much sisi wengine when will we eat?

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