Friday, January 11, 2008

Social Ramifications

Everytime i write anything there is someone branding me a tribalist. I don't care, i am not a tribalist and that i know deep within my heart but obviously if you selectively choose to eliminate members of my community i become gravely concerned. The intolerance that has been the highlight of Raila's  is evident. 2 PNU supporters were burnt in Kibera, 1 a 19 year old before the elections, his crime wearing a PNU t-shirt. Nobody talked, not even Maina Kiai.


1. A woman who was an ODM supporter yesterday called to say she had not only lost her job but her boyfriend had also kicked her out. Genesis of the problem being her boyfriend was a PNU supporter and she was not. It beats every reason that such intolerance is experienced in the bedroom.

2. My friend (a lunjay) a PNU supporter told me of how he had planned to put away her wife's ID and pretend that it was lost because she was supporting  the other party. Luckily the wife was very bright and she said that they should both put their IDs on the table so that such a thing would not happen. Today they do not talk politics in their house.

3. Getting a house in Nairobi will prove to be hard; it appears that renting a house will only be done on proof that you don't belong to "an enemy tribe". This will have far reaching effects as housing in Nairobi is already a problem. Already some people have been given eviction notices (i met with a guy who told me his landlord has decided to paint his houses all of a sudden).

4. Jobs have always been given on a who do you know basis. So now you can imagine with individually owned companies which have always remained the highest employers. More than ever people will make appointments on a where do you come from basis

5. I had managed to convince my dad that there is nothing really wrong from marrying into another community (20%). My chances of such conviction has moved (-100%). And you know what if my dad says no, then sorry its no.

6. Eldoret and Kisumu towns will stall. I doubt any Asian or investor who has fled from Kisumu will come back and put up their investments again. Insurance does not pay for acts of arsonists.

We are really back to 1963.

Anyway it would be better if it is identified that the violence was caused by gangs not normal individual people.


  1. Allow me to disagree with you on No.5. When it comes to matters of the heart, tribe can not matter. If you love, love the individual and not his tribe.

  2. @BOMSEH, I know that is true, i am just saying generally it might be hard convincing folks that you are marrying into some certain tribes.

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  4. I have been unable to comment on Shiroh's posts for a while, but i will say:

    Shiroh, if you cannot hear what Daudi is telling you, if none of that resonates with you, then those of us who are committed to truth, and committed to justice, must move on without you.

    Make no mistake, I personally will not waste any more time with anyone who wishes to sweep the root causes of this crisis under the rug. Anyone who feels that because the side they were supporting is sitting pretty in State House, then eveything else is hunky dory. Anyone who thinks that going after Raila and Ruto will solve Kenya's problems but not going after Kibaki and Kivuitu.

    And to be honest, its a shame to think you could be one of them.

    And do not try to twist my words and say that I'm proposing that those who have committed savage acts of violence go scot free. Don't try to do me that injustice.

  5. @Mental, i am finally honoured to have you comment on my blog (Wow!)

    And who sent you? Raila to defend him?

    There are always two sides to a story, i am giving one.

    Anything that happened after the violence was a consequence of what the ODM supporters had done. Did you honestly believe that you were going to attack people and because they are babies just look away and give them your other side to slap. Get over yourselves.

    If you ever believe NO. 7 is true, Railas & Rutos history speak for themselves. All the links i have pointed to are for example written by other people.

    Open your eyes and SEE.

    Don't come to my blog and start defending Raila, do it on yours.

    After all you & other bloggers have found it fit to call kibaki Insane & Kalonzo a serpent.

  6. Ms K, just to remind you you don't have to comment.

    You all want everybody to buy your side of the story when they don't you become angry. Anyone one day the truth will come out and i guess you will all have to bury your head in the sand in shame.

  7. And when did i ever say that Kibaki & Kivuitu should go free?

    We have a saying in Law

    "Whoever seeks equity, must do so with clean hands"

    If at all Raila is clean of rigging, i was a voter in Kasarani and i can tell just how ODM guys were harassing everyone in cars telling them to get out and check inside.

    APs were burnt. People have been killed even before Elections wacha now after elections

    Tell me why do you feel so for a RAILA cause?

    The story of the elections is a different one; Mine is the story of mindless violence! Gerrit.

  8. So Shiroh, if i tell you that i voted for Kibaki, what will you say then?

    And who is this who has clean hands?

  9. I don't know who you voted for and if you voted for Kibaki then well and good. It doesn't matter who you voted for it could Raila, i would not hate you for that.

    Maybe the elections were rigged, maybe they were not.

    Frazer commented there was an unusual voter turn out in Central and Nyanza.


    My point is we are not to be misled that the violence that broke out after the elections was a reactionary one rather a planned.

    Though i have no facts to support my stance it is rare you as Ms K wake up and start slashing your next door neighbour because one has lost an elections as to whether fairly or unfairly is a question for another body to determine.

    What is sickening is to see when ODM supporters cannot tolerate other's views. Case in point Daudi, why he is attacking me for my posts is unfathomable.

    And that's why they felt outraged enough to kill Kikuyus, Kisiis and other people supporting President Kibaki or thought to be.

    Does a leader of a group have a mandate to urge its followers to remain peaceful and calm. Yes.

    IF Mungiki attacks anyone, i do not support that. To me Life is sacred and has to be spared at every effort.

    Clean hands means you can not also be doing other things that spoil your right to cry wolf, you have to above reproach.

  10. Yaani a PNU supporter cant say nada?
    I have to read this post again to see why people are vexed!

    I was going to tell a story about a couple that fought and ended up injuring there only child just cos the parents support different parties. Clearly this is not the time!

    I dont want to read blogs where people are calling my candidate of choice and the opposition candidate of choice an idiot or all those blinding names I see everywhere.
    That will get us nowhere. We need to first agree to disagree and then as Kenyans talk of the way forward.

    Calling anyone names will not feed the dispalced or feed the refugees or even tbury the dead.

  11. @Farmgal, worry not KBW is an ODM zone those who say anything else are enemies of the people.

    In one of the ODM strategies, they were to use blogs and internet forums , I now see how.

    But you know what i will write what i want to write because this is my blog.

  12. You ladies dont get it. You seem stuck in the warthogs arse not seeing ehat is going on around you. Your basesles thoughts are the fodder more tribalism. You must be a upper class kikuyu with much to lose if the government goes down. Mental...thanks you put it succinctly. Unfortunately you have such filthy wenches like shiroh and farmgal who spew their nonsense on the internet. No worries though, we know who they are and justice will prevail.
    Shiroh....YOU USELESS TRIBAL WENCH..I hope the y choma your digs

  13. anonymous may the god Lord bless you!

  14. Am getting worried when someone come with a different argument they get attacked an labeled as a tribalist.

    I have not seen Shiro claim that the election was not flawed.

    Shiro definitely has something( no a lot) against Raila but surely she is entitled to that. But that make her a tribalist?

    I do not support many of her claims and disagree on some of her opinions but labeling her tribalist for her opposition to Raila is not fair.

    I voted for Kibaki(Not PNU) and voted for Mweke(Not ODM-K) and I voted for a guy and party I don't know for Councilor.

    Am I glad Kibaki won? I sure am- although I may not approve the way he won. If another election was to be called today, I would still vote for him. But surely that does not make me a tribalist.

    A lot of bloggers on KBW e.g Gerald Baraza are pro ODM and have even made attacks on Kikuyus before and after the elections. I did not see this kind of vitriol poured on him.

    As far as I can see, Shiro is against the killings and is totally against Raila. Is she not entitled to state that on her space?

    Seeing my moniker, I know what to expect.

  15. Just wanted to point out that it's Shiroh's blog. Her home in the ether. Why should people come and tell her to change the bedcover on her bed? Shiroh, don't worry about getting kicked out into the cold. You'll simply be joining those who were forced to leave, or who chose to leave the cozy fire of the aggregator.

  16. one more thing (don't mean to follow certain above trend of blogging on your blog, but) Let us not find revolutionaries where there are none.

  17. Mental/Ms K, i believe your sort of you-are-either-with-us or against-us views are what got us the sort of scenes we saw in Eldoret..
    Did RO ferment anti-Kikuyu feelings? Damn right he did. Were Kikuyus in Eldoret warned that they would have to vacate RV when majimbo (ugatuzi) came into being? Damn right.Is there an investor-confidence issue where Kisumu is concerned? Damn right there is.Is this only blog that is propagating "lies, innuendo" as you call them? Of course not. You can also add Kumekucha to your list and tell us why you are not on their cases. Is Kibaki the president? Unfortunately for you and other ODM mafans, until we hear otherwise, yes he is.

    I fear you and annon are no different.

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  19. ALL
    Let's put Raila, Kibaki, Ruto, etc aside for a few seconds, what do want for ourselves?

    - Security
    - Food
    - Accommodation
    - Affordable/free education
    - Accessible employment
    - Thriving economical prospects and success
    - Access for functioning transport, water, electricity, etc

    From the individual level, we move onto the local level, after all, you can't have a school with one student! Imagine a village where ALL have access to these fundamentals and what do you get? Stability for all.

    Extend this to numerous villages and you begin to build a NATION.

    Ultimately, STOP thinking Luo vs Kikuyu etc, think me, us, together. Otherwise, those inner thoughts of differences lead to what Kenya is today and will continue to get worse over the next 50 years.

    If we put down the home-made weapons and war of words, we'll realise that the real power lies in each and everyone of us contributing to building the nation not displacing our neighbours, work force, businesses,...
    Start educating ourselves think progessively for a better future.


    Otherwise, there will be NO KENYA.

  20. @Acolyte, i stated succintly before i started doing these posts that i am for Kibaki totally.

    Whats your problem?

  21. @anon last. Thank you very much for your remarks. Makes me get hope that we might after all move forward. To your honour no more war of words.

  22. Gosh i focused so much on the bad guys and forgot to say thanks so much for your support for free speech Mainat,Rista & GNM.

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    Which is why the poor and marginalised people in Kenya showed up in large numbers to vote Kibaki out which is why they are angry about Kibaki blatantly rigging himself and his corrupt officials back. The poor are basically saying they also want

    - Food
    - Accommodation
    - Affordable/free education
    - Accessible employment
    - Thriving economical prospects and success
    - Access for functioning transport, water, electricity, etc

    which they did not get under Kiabkis rule