Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the RAINS have spoken

Waking up today to a torrent of rains today is the least anyone could have expected in the dry January.
Just yesterday i was thinking just how dusty it has become and how taking a jog would expose one to the ills of chest problems. But no more.
There were no traffic jams on Thika road where madness reigns during the rainy seasons.
I finally felt peace for the first time this year. I dunno why;
Maybe it is because our Brand New Speaker proved to be a professional much more than anyone had expected. Someone has good spot for talent.
Maybe it is because the 10th parliament will be prove to be one of intellectual arguments (yesterday's showdown on whether the word president should be expunged has been the subject of conversation the whole of the morning)
Ababu though lost some marks.
It was a good show because Mudavadi was seen exchanging jokes with Michuki so it is just a plain way of telling everyone; while we are political rivals; we are not enemies. And the fact that they sat down less than 100m from each other and exercised restraint from boxing each other.
It seems finally The Rains bring peace.


  1. Better to deal with rain than political rallies that add no value to the common mwananchi's life.

  2. Tx for the update. Agree seeing our dishonorable members behaving like long-term buddies should give a pose to those idiots who go running around in the name of a nobody who is going to pocket Ksh850k at the end of this month.
    PNU/ODM or indeed Dynamic Development Party, we are all Kenyans and we all benefit if our economy grows, roads are built, teachers employed and so forth.

  3. rain always calms things down. esp hot tempers and raging rallies. it was indeed a calming way to wake up since all this troubles started. i took it as a way of God saying "take it easy my children..."

  4. ababu losut some marks becuase he said the bitter truth huh??

    typical hypocracy to the highest order.... and you dare talk of kibakis integrity aspresident....

    watch this ..