Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have people mainly from the Diaspora coming to insult me. Let me tell you. There is only one reason why when someone is murdered people call the police and have the person arrested and charged. Because they know killing the person they suspect of stealing is savagery. The courts save us from savagery.
If you don't understand that part, i guess you need to move out of your comfort zone and fly back to Kenya and live in Naivasha/Nakuru/Eldoret/Kisumu and have yourself shot because you are not a Kikuyu/Luo/Kalenjin.
Everyone led by ODM has refused to go to court. Now the law looks like just another piece of paper written for beauty purposes. There is why there are courts. Even in our traditions, there were council of elders.
That is why there are retaliatory attacks that have hit town. Because no action has been taken against the perpetrators of the first violene. You will not come to my blog and insult me because you don't understand that even in the country you live people go to courts not because they believe in them but because it saves the country a lot of anguish.



  1. Pole sana, ignore the ODM goons they have been on a spree online attacking blogs, Mashada, discussion lists, you name it for anyone who dares speak and tell it as it is. Keep the faith. Some of these goons are local and doing their work at night.

  2. I never really had a horse in this race, but I was more inclined to see a change.Only so that we can get over and done with the Kibaki and Raila generations in 10 years ( there was no way Raila was going to deliver in 5 years what he said.He promised too much to too many). Seems they both want to hold us back.
    As much as I believe that something was a miss with the elections, ODM should have followed the three pronged attack that Martin Luther et al used. Litigation (Bring your case forward for arbitration), Demonstration (Pressure for fairness) and Legislation (Change the laws to make the constitution more robust).

    Even the orange movement in Ukraine went to court to get an order for a re-elections. Ukraine, by the way is one of the most corrupt countries in the world but since the eyes of the world was on it, justice was served( The Ukrainians regretted their choice a few years later, but that is another story).

    If Kibaki steps down, How does Raila Take over? as who?..Kivuitu said it. He does not know who won. By removing the option of having a re-election being called by the courts, ODM leaves us all in limbo. Why should the law stop applying now? Just because things did not go our way? Kibaki may have stolen the election, but I have been disappointed by the seeming lack of foresight and the statement ODM is making about the laws. If Raila was sworn in today, he would swear to protect the constitution...How do you protect a constitution you do not respect? We can not be selective about what we choose to follow.

    My biggest disappointment has been the justification of the initial killings with a wave of the hand and the qualification that they were 'spontaneous' .I was not aware that killing in the name of spontaneity and anger somehow made it justifiable. The 'look what you made me do!!' is a cope out.
    We could have done better.
    I have never liked Kibaki and his crew since they got into power, I was not convinced, knowing his KANU history and close association with MOI since the 70s. The arrogance that permeated his administration was an extreme turnoff. I thought ODM were better, but they refused to follow the high road when wronged( Litigation, demonstration,legislation;in that order), so I am left hoping that the Kenya will survive this.
    I also find it strange, that for all the cries of Justice, somehow that does not translate to the 40 some percent who did not vote for Raila and were targeted for it.
    None of the two even got an absolute majority!( with or without rigging)

    Now its tit for tat...when does it stop....after we are all in graves?

    I hope that the two will one day pay for selling our birth rite down a bloody river.

    I will leave with the words of Al gore, some who knows about stolen elections.He followed the law and lost.He did not kill anyone for it.


  3. I just want to say thank you for your honesty. I am not Kenyan and have been living here since Sept. Yours is one of the blogs I find helpful in understanding a Kenyan perspective.

  4. I find it quite ludicrous that those who disagree with you must be "ODM goons" as your good fan 'anon' says. More worrying is the fact that you find nothing wrong with that branding. I'm moved to believe that it's the same mirror the same critics embody on the larger fabric of this crisis.

    Whether they insult you is beyond my scope but the paralles are too striking for coincidence. When you are 'insulted', the comments are deleted. When they are insulted the comments stay.

    Does that sound familiar; like when a crowd of 5 or more gathering peacefully or otherwise in kisumu, kakamega, eldoret or the general west belt gets short at but another similar one in naivasha or nakuru gets to be 'protected' or cops stand by and amuse themselves at the spectacle of murder?

    Well that rings a bloody church bell to me. You are applying selective justice the same way PNU is applying selctive justice in Kenya and non-ethnic GEMA @least you have the advantage it's your blog Kibaki doesn't and this is not a threat but a notice of intent. Kenya either get's Justice or WE SCREW PEACE peace has never been our problem. You may delete mine too...

  5. shiro .

    you are right shiroh no one should abuse you for your views but that does not mean NO ONE should hold different opinions from you... I dont condon anyone abusing you in your own casa ( home) but I also dont condon you trying to muzzle the truth( Whatever the truth I now!) by telling people to go to court and such mundane options

    you accuse guys in diaspora .. you think we less kenyan ? shiro we care about kenya as much as you do ..

    as I mentioned somewhere in your blog I was in the battlezones of rift valley upto 14th january... maybe you were in your comfort in nairobi bLogging... was in rift valley when all the chaos occured and saw first hand what violence does to a country.....I saw my kikuyu friends of 20years as refugees in my local police .so dont feed me that crap ati am pro-violence.. I took food for Mr njuguna and his family for 3 days in kericho police station ...Iwas still an ODM supporter when I and other guys took food to a certain kenyan (kikuyu.) family of 4 that had been stuck in eldoret Airport for 4 days without food and the likes..without knowing who they were....

    So dont sit down and Imagine that ODM supporters are this animals and savages while you shiro and you irk are the right ones and you dare tell people ati to go to court... at the moment do you yourself trust the courts???

    lets be real guys...

  6. It was inevitable that you had to play the diaspora card, it is the cheap shot many people resort to.
    I am sure you have gotten alot of disagreements from people who are in the country too but the thing is that most of the people who have internet access uninterrupted are outside the country so it is only normal that they would b the bulk of commentors on your site.
    Plus I am sure that even if they were in the country they would still have the same opinion because there are many people who are in Kenya who dont share the same view as you despite having lived through the same drama you have.
    So being out of the country in no way invalidates their opinion, yes that doesnt mean that they can insult you but too many kenyans take pleasure in disenfranchising other Kenyans just because they are out of Kenya's borders, being out of Kenya doesnt make you any less Kenyan much as being in Naivasha as opposed to Nairobi makes you any less of a Kenyan.

  7. Yes Oleio, but don't judges deliver JUSTICE....eh..in court?

  8. Most of ODM supporters are sycophants who continue to ignore any reality including ethnic cleansing in their pursuit of a Raila presidency.

  9. oleio,

    I do hope you are in Kenya as you speak of screwing peace.Lest you forget, if you screw peace your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles etc will be affected in the process. Please soften your heart stop the blame and together lets be united againaist violence. My heart bleeds when people are burnt in a church in Eld as it does when they are burnt in Naivasha. what will happen when raila and kibaki agree?? someone will have to be a loser and we will have to deal with the outcome..We have gone beyond insults and for the sake of encouraging peace and reconciliation, I urge you shiru to delete anyone instigating hatred either against ODM or PNU..lets all be kenyans

  10. @anon 1, there is objection to the word ODM goons. Some ODM supporters are very sober.

    @ruby, thanks for your kind words

    @frank, thank you for making it clear

    @acolyte, i did not say only i said mainly and this is from observations.

    @digg, i totally love your arguments. We could have saved a lot of bloodshed.

    @oleio, the people have spoken

    @3n, what i don't like is the intolerance of any other views by some not all.

    @beatrice ,we have all been affected in the name of seeking justice.

  11. @Meadow I believe it's in the interest of justice and fairness to state my position and interest in this for the avoidance of doubt.

    1. I'm a Moran

    2. This thing blew up right on my face after countless hours of anxiety and stress. I'm not a pious man but I prayed just like Gen Sumbeywo and others that day did, to gods known and imaginery that Kivuitu would do the right thing or on the very least delay this announcement, if only to give ventilation. He had options.

    3. That I had barely been home for a well deserved month and still twoo weeks later had to postpone my ticket not out of fear but just exactly how much I could help keep the situation calm in my own small way. I've been back only4days to date.

    4. That the denial of this official fiasco nauseates me more than the theft itself. The arrogance and the disregard for human life by officialdom is a classic case of power gonr rottenly filthy.

    5. That I disgree with the violence and death in both Eldoret and Naivasha, but there is a level of human endurance.

    6. That if the PNU leadership had allowed the protests to be staged we would have saved more than 70% of what now lies in ruins including life. This is not BRAIN SURGERY.

    It's therefore my considered opinion that all of us involved in this and similar fora do not have an excessive affiniation to sheep nor exhibit extreme cases of amnesia or downturn ethnic complexes.

    @Frank it's my pleasure to inform you that the self-same court, it's headmaster to be exact, was IN STATE HOUSE EVEN BEFORE KIVUITU ANNOUNCED RESULTS, awaiting to SWEAR IN KIBAKI FRAUDULENTLY. If it was such a good thing @Meadow why didn't they wait and do it by day light? I'm convinced at some stage we have all been involved with the law and we all know it's a losing war a fait acompli.

    @3N Thanks very much you are a perfect example of the PNU leadership thinking: Everyone must be a Luo, sycophant or unrealistic to support Raila Odinga. Too bad as long as people like you drive the agenda in Kenya our country continues to burn. remember those sycophants rent houses pay bills buy products and almost everything that defines our GDP but which is skewedly owned by most likely your cousins. If that doesn't sink then you have no idea where this problem is headed.

    If all the non-ethnic GEMA communities were evicted from Naivasha, nakuru and nairobi (which is Maasai country - ODM supporters) and the same done to kikuyus from the west and coast, tell me HOW EXACTLY DOES THE KIKUYU SUSTAIN THEIR ECONOMIC POWER? Has it ever occurred to you that these 'sycophants' sustain your economy?

    My issue is, even in bad times in the past we have always managed to live in peace largely. Even at the hight of molo-elburgon, there were Kikuyus still living in next door towns as kipkelion, kericho bomet, eldoret kakamega, kisumu. What changed this time round.

    My final submission is that PEACE has never been our problem JUSTICE has! We should just have our priorities right. But this I surely tell you for free like it or not: Mungiki or None, Police or None or even the Army, as long as Kibaki sits pretty and our supporters continue to be killed, we shall abandon the streets all together and launch a new war. We are dead anyway @Meadow

    May the spirit of Nabongo, Orkoyot, Ramogi, Mumbi and our great forefathers be with all of us; this is intetional because I do not wish to associate with the god tha Njue and company worship!

  12. @oleio, just understand the problem is not with Kenyans but rather Kivuitu. No person who has died had anything to do with Kivuitu''s inefficiency. No matter your anger, direct it at the right persons.

    The thing is this is a lesson that it is not for us to dangle peace like a carrot. Co-existence is the basis of our econonmy.

    Intolerance is a vice that we should avoid & cannot help any of us

    Lucky you have a plane ticket, most of us cannot even afford.

  13. If all the non-ethnic GEMA communities were evicted from Naivasha, nakuru and nairobi (which is Maasai country - ODM supporters) and the same done to kikuyus from the west and coast, tell me HOW EXACTLY DOES THE KIKUYU SUSTAIN THEIR ECONOMIC POWER? Has it ever occurred to you that these 'sycophants' sustain your economy?

    That is something we would have to try. Are you ready to die evicting them? Property wars can go for a very long time. And again what is it that these Kikuyus have done to you?