Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Even Jesus had a lighter load to carry it seems.


  1. Jesus DID NOT steal from his people. Don't compare Jesus to Mwizi Kibaki.

  2. Hallelujah...!!! Brother Wekesa! Did I hear somebarry say A..I..MEN! Yes Amen God Bless you.. The good lord DID (Indeed) NOT STEAL from his people

  3. I too have to agree with the first two commentors, comparing Kibaki to Jesus is just verging on blasphemy. Carrying the sins of manking and dying for them is in no way shape and form comparable to Kibaki's plight.Find a more fitting analogy please.

  4. @Aco,and would expect nothing more from you.

    @wekesa,olieo, i have no words for you.

  5. It's good that Mwizi Kibaki has given people an opportunity to address the real issues that have polarized Kenyans. Kikuyus have robbed,raped, killed, maimed, and disenfranchised all other tribes in Kenya. Time have come for all the other tribes to take back what is rightfully theirs. And thanks a lot for highlighting this issues on your blog! Kudos!!

  6. thats not hatred as want to blanket it Shiro, There is one thing you need to understand. most kenyans living below the poverty line care less of anything else save for their likelihood of improving their lot or reducing their likelihood of further predicament.

    That’s what this election was about. President Kibaki came in with a promise of equity in the resource allocation But what we have seen slowly happening is enough to worry any SENSIBLE VOTER who is NOT DUMB as certain sections of Kenya may take them to be.

    I was in kenya the last 1 month and through the violence and even when peace reigned ...Talk to anyone in business or job hunting especially from other communities back home and you will get a sense of the harsh reality that is is kenya todat .. They are mad! And I mean enraged at what has happened.

    We have had business via tenders and prospective job offers snatched from businessmen of other tribes and channeled to one tribe.Thats the truth in the eyes of a big section of kenya you cannot simply wish it away becuase you happen to be from the so called " politically correct sectors" ....

    A lie told amillion times does not become the truth...

  7. Well I will agree at some things that Kip has highlighted but I also choose to disagree. As much as jobs education loans and "the human defination of a better life" goes I would disagree that all this has gone to one tribe. When we look at Kenya, kikuyus are the majority followed by the other tribes. We definately do not expect 90% of the loans to go to(an example) masaai community. No! That is not possible. 110% can never be equals or lesser than 100% just logic thinking. Accoding to my opinion Luos are the most educated people in our country(I could be wrong)...what will an uneducated kikuyu(I use "kikuyu" because majority of the people think "kikuyu's" are the fortunate ones) say on that? Kelenjins are the most people in Jogoo house..what will a jobless kikuyu say on that? I mean let just not look at the lucky kikuyus who got lucky to have relatives to hook them up with better opputunities, Let's also consider the less fortunate ones who do not agree with the favourism that the gorvenment has in our daily needs. Not all kikuyus have those loans, jobs, education, land etc.

  8. the author of that article failed by specifying that its a Kalenjin proble, BUT the truth of the matters is precisely what I wrote in the another paragraph...

    To quote Myself. "...most kenyans living below the poverty line care less of anything else save for their likelihood of improving their lot or reducing their likelihood of further predicament...."

    mkenya you are right... most of it has nothing to do with kalenjins per se but rather the the HAVES and theHAVE NOTS

  9. shiro, how do you cope with all this hatred that is posted, it gives one a pain in the head just reading..I have no idea who has spread the big lie that kikuyus are the way all of you brainwashed raila supporters please provide evidence that raila won..enough of domo domo

  10. Hi,I read that letter yesterday and it was so disturbing I couldn't even link to it. I never imagined a Kenyan citizen could be filled with such hatred.

  11. Baraza is a jaundiced blowhard.

  12. Honestly, can some of you read, or write? I don't think the post in way said Kibz was Jesus. It just said that even Jesus would have struggle with amount of hatred some bloggers are unashamedly putting in their blogs...

    Kenyans, the truth of the matter is that you can blame your sibling, your parents, your jirani, your teacher, your spouse, your pals, your govt, even your car. But nobody will ever get you where you want to get to in your life, but your plain ugly/beautiful/stupid/intelligent/lazy/hardworking self. Sorry to have to tell you this...

  13. @Mainat, you have said all i wanted to say. Thanks

  14. you be the judge who the REAL TRIBALIST ARE .............

    500 Kenyans from GEMA community in the UK met on Wednesday 23rd January, 2008 in London and agreed in one voice: "WE ARE IN A SERIOUS SITUATION". The members expressed their concerns that the GEMA community in Kenya is being persecuted and the persecutors are getting away with these evil acts. "We are officially expressing our concern that members of our community are being targeted for genocide. Were also very sad as one of our brother here lost five members of his family in the last one week." one member stated. "It is mostly GEMA people who have been targeted and now we are launching "GEMA ABROAD".

    They posed a big question to President Mwai Kibaki and they asked the media to communicate to the president: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN OUR PEOPLE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED LIKE CHICKEN." "We were beaten during Moi era and now we are beaten during Kibaki's era. Our patience is over now and we are getting impatient." the group explained. "It is our property being destroyed, its our men, women and children who are being killed - our hearts are crying while abroad. We cannot hold any longer and we have to help our people back home." the group agreed. "How can one say there will be peace when Raila Odinga has explained loud and clear that Kisii community should not be killed but did not condemn the killing of other communities. What is the Kenyan government doing about this statement." the group asked.

    They agreed that all GEMA community in the UK and Ireland will count themselves and everyone will have to have a number. Every man or woman over the age of 18 years will register with at least £50 and above. A committee of 12 people were nominated to be the interim committee with an additional 10 members from other UK cities with one member from Oxford, Northampton, Reading, Bristol, Nottingham, Scotland, Manchester, Coventry and Luton to make a total of 22 members. Everyone on meeting registered themselves and they were all given membership number and the will start executing their work immediately. They agreed to involve GEMA communities in USA and in other parts of the world so that we can help our community whom has become the target of the recent mass killings. Everyone should register as a member immediately because back home people are in a serious problem. The UK committee is co-ordinating with the Kenyan committee to see that the funds will not be misused. The group explained that if you don't join and register at this crucial time you are of no use to the community. The membership is to help monitor the progress of the registration and to know who is who. To register you need to text or ring the following number where you will be advised what to do. When you text you will be texted back your membership number. You will use your membership as a reference when paying for your membership. The number is 07518891930. GEMA ABROAD is registered as a community organisation in the UK.

    Everyone entering the meeting had to communicate with the community language before being allowed into the meeting. The meeting became emotional when one of the members in the meeting from Molo area phone home and he put his mobile on loud speaker and you could hear the crying man back home explaining that large part of Molo was on flames. He explained that Mau Summit town has been burnt. Several members called their home area at the meeting and hundreds of houses has been burnt at Mau Summit, Molo, Njoro, Elburgon, Kipkerion, Londiani and Tomboroa which have become no gone zone, as have Subukia, Narok, Nyahururu and Eldoret. As the meeting went on a member was called from Kenya by his brotherand was told that a school in a place called Karandi in Molo is on fire. The group went wild when one member suggested that "ODM groups in Kenya are paying KShs. 200 for every GEMA member killed in the field". It was revealed at the meeting that this is the beginning of a series of meetings till peace prevails in Kenya. Most members hold the view that the atrocities commited were pre-arranged for a long time behind the scene.

    A big demonstration in support of the President Kibaki and protesting against the Western Media has been arranged on Saturday 2nd February 2008. People who are expected in large numbers will be assembling outside Kenya Embassy, 45 Portland Place, W1B 1AS at 10.00 a.m. where the procession will proceed to 10 Down Street - the Prime Minister's house to present their memorandum in support of Kibaki and explaining that we cannot allow some selfish people to destroy our country Kenya.

    Another urgent meeting was arranged for Saturday 26th January, 2008 in London at Memorial Baptist Hall, 395 Barking Road, London E13 opposite Plaistow Police Station as from 5.00 p.m. Those who will not be available on Saturday can join a similar meeting at 185 Hermon Hill Road, London E18 1QQ on Sunday 27th January, 2008 as from 6.00 p.m. For information you can contact 07931106692

  15. KDPM has a basic responsibility to help strengthen and support democratic processes in Kenya and Africa . Although democracy in Kenya is a subjective concept, hard to define, arguments have been made for and against certain crucial issues. KDPM is doing it's best to act as a people’s watchdog, as a gatekeeper and an instrument to disseminate necessary information, and more popularly, as a reflection of varied cultural paradigms, interests and trends. As usual, each idea, activity, event etc is interpreted differently by each individual and ethnic group in Kenya . Thus we appreciate all kinds of opinions and “facts” from all Kenyans. They all help to get us to the root-cause of our challenges. Then from there we work together to come up with the right prescription for the whole country.

    Thanks a lot.

    Gerald Baraza

  16. @ Mwikali
    Seems mungiki is going to have some international funding very soon.