Wednesday, January 30, 2008


. Watching R.O speak on National Television was a good one. And he quoted one of the finest ones "Violence begets Violence".
It is inevitable that attacks on any community will prepare that community for revenge and must be highly discouraged.
HOWEVER, there is one thing i don't understand. That of Ilegitimate Presidencÿ. Is there such thing? Rigging an election does not make a president illegitimate. And thats the plain reality. Rigging elections only exposes the other party to contesting it. Rigging is supported/argued against by facts not law.  

Legitimacy of the presidency is determined by Section 8 of the constitution thus;

A person assuming the office of President shall, before entering upon the office, take and subscribe the oath of allegiance and such oath for the due execution of his office as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.

And as one of my commentors said
My biggest disappointment has been the justification of the initial killings with a wave of the hand and the qualification that they were 'spontaneous' .I was not aware that killing in the name of spontaneity and anger somehow made it justifiable. The 'look what you made me do!!' is a cope out.
We could have done better.
We could start by stopping being emotional about issues and look at them as they really are. Only then can we move to greater things like constitutional review (urgent) & forming peace & reconciliation instead of pussy footing on moot issues.

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