Thursday, January 31, 2008

I still love you

Its in times like this
That when you worry about something constantly
That you suddenly realize
How much you love it.
When they threaten it
With withdrawal of aid
They even suggest coup as the only way
And we know we will  pull out of all this
We will work it out
With/out their help
Look at where we are from
Look at where we are going
There is a whole many hundred's of years
Now we know
That you my country
Are the most precious
And we shall treat you like an egg
We shall endeavour to get out
Anyone or anything
That threatens you
Our Love
We cannot be without you
You cannot be without us
We are One
Kenya our country, our love


  1. Kenya Mama na Baba, Mungu atasaidia. Amen.

  2. I came to tell you about an interesting argument yesterday. I am a Kikuyu. This discussion was with friends of mine from tribes. I told them I had been talking to my friend who is an intelligent Kikuyu woman and she had made me realise something. that Kikuyus needed to stand back and look carefully at a map of Kenya. When they do, will realise that it is they who stand to gain most from equitable distribution of resources. Especially land, which is the most contentious resource. Suppose you take all of Kenya's arable land. That is, all the land in the rift valley north of Kajiado and south of Kapenguria, central province, the central parts of Eastern province, Nyanza and Western and some strips of the coast. This is a lot of land. Everybody thinks Kikuyus should only be in Central right now, that is why they are chasing them away from other parts of the country. But if there was equitable distribution of land, we would be entitled to 20% of the arable land. Which means we would be entitled to at least land twice the size of central province. in other words, we would be the winners. The people who are fighting us, in the name of equitable distribution, the kalenjin especially, would be the loosers. (ha ha) Because they think they are entitled to25% of the araeble land but they are only 11 per cent of the population. So they would have to give up some of their presious land.

    You shld have seen reaction of the people I was talking with. It was comcal. Suddenly, they started to protest about equitable distribution of land and how it would be unfair. But they are the ones who are calling for it. So Kiuks should realise that they need to be agreeing with those who are calling for equitable distribution of resources. They will be the main gainers.

    Abd while we are dividing equitably, can we please have 20 % of the land near the lake and 20 % of the land by the sea. Heheheheheh

  3. If there is two good things that I can say come out of all this mess they are:
    1) People are completely free to speak their mind now, whether it's the good, the bad or the ugly.
    2) Some people became deeper and more profound so that now when they speak freely and honestly they speak from a place that is much fuller and richer than it was before.

    Thanks for the was deep.