Friday, January 18, 2008


When you speak; speak for your country not for individuals.

When i read many people's sentiments i amaze at just how we have made individuals godly. In the sense that even knowing what we know about these politicians we still want to associate with change and deliverance. Further from the truth we cannot be.

I refuse to fight for people whose reputation and integrity is at question. I refuse to fight for people who have no real agenda apart from assuming power. We know Ruto, we know Raila, we know Kibaki, we know Michuki et al, why do we then behave like we don't?

When you write a comment on my blog and tell me Kenyans were denied change, revolution, etc what do you know? And tell me mass action must continue because this is the only way you can get what you want? I know i would fight but for the right reasons.

I do believe in many things but i don't believe we can destroy a whole country to defend people we so know well.

We know they are not clean, we know they have never been clean. We most definitely know they are not Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela because those two would never allow the kind of madness that has happened in this country. I am sure they must be sick in their belly just to imagine what has gone down and accountability is not forthcoming.

Martin Luther had a mission, Nelson Mandela had a mission, just what are the mission of our country destroyers?

Why do they evoke such negative feelings in the people that they would say something as unspeakable as "we would rather go the Ivory Coast way? And for what?

The law is clear remains to be clear of which i have been searching, an election dispute can only be determined by a High court,  we have no provisions for an interim Govt. Why the turmoils?

Quite a number of Kenyans support R.O., quite of them support MK, and others supported KM, so when someone stands up and says "Kenyans" will. Which Kenyans do you refer to? Which will of Kenyans because we are so fucking equal and no grievances, theatrics, mass actions will solve an election dispute.

Kenyans are living in morbid fear countrywide, you should see their scary faces every time there is a sound however innocent. We have police on the streets, something i had only seen when international news of Sierra Leone, Somalia were aired on TV.  But are the police in the streets in vain, towns have been brought to ashes, people's lives are in constant danger, and you blame the police? The whole of Kenya belongs to any Kenyan, as until now, if Kisumu town is destroyed, a part of Kenya has been destroyed and thats a loss to every Kenyan.

Speak for Kenya.

Now this is better but the worst joke i have heard. Boycott


  1. So what are the solutions after all the sentiments? Alternatively what should one do when he or she feels hard done by?

    M. Luther , Mandela, Gandhi stood for SOMETHING is it not time for ME to stand for something?

    I've been waiting for an angelic figure to come from heaven and lead Kenya only to realise human beings just like me are on the ballot boxes - worse i have to pick the lesser of the two devils!
    A tough call I do not have the solutions and can i even be objective when the stakes are this high?
    Actually if either of the lunatics (excuse my language - this is a term of affection in 'my' vocabulary) what is in it for me?

    And please help me here who here can actually claim not to be biased? I'm still searching.....

  2. Kwani how come more Kenyans are not reasoning like this?

  3. Shiroh,
    I would like to post a comment on this particular thread but before i do so I just want to ask you a question. Please I would appreciate a very honest answer:

    Do you believe the elections were free and fair?


  4. blu how do you expect a genuine and honest answer from a kibaki supporter and should I Even move closer and say a mount kenya resident ?????

    heard and seen for myself the kind of support Raila had from South coast in Mombasa through Voi and across Nairobi and well into western Kenya , From Kisii to the Rift valley. I submit to you that Deep in my Head/Heart, The president of Kenya is not the MP for Othaya masquerading as the President of Kenya ,but Raila Amollo Odinga.

    but trust me... a typical kikuyu thinks that by kibaki been president he or she is also president .. just like a typical kalenjin thought that Moi been president they also were little presidents.....

    lol laughable if you ask me .!

  5. @blu and kip
    If you guys would only read what she said...'have to pick the lesser of the two evils'. She hasn't said that the elections were free and fair.
    Kip your arguement just slaps you back in the face since i dont care how you put it the mentality for every tribe and yes i said every is that if their man is in power they will be 'little presidents' and yes i agree that is quite laughable. Why do you think Kisum city is fighting so hard

    Thank you gitm for your thoughts. May God help us all KENYANS

  6. Anonymous,
    Neither has she said that the elections were not free and fair. Shiroh is searching for answers, I want to believe that she is sincere so am only helping her think.

  7. The British colonialists had beliefs similar to Kibaki's. They suppressed dissenting voices (ban on media, ban on demonstrations) claiming they were doing so to protect property (theirs). They unleashed colonial Govt forces (now GSU and museveni's UPDF) on the natives in their concentration camps (now kibera, mathare and huruma) killing those believed to be anti govt, breaking doors and fishing out the natives suspected to be supporting mau mau (now ODM) supporters. They shot them in broad daylight (as seen on KTN now) Meanwhile the white settlers (now the Kibaki elite & upper middle class Kenyans like Shiroh who have much to lose if wealth is redistributed equitably as ODM proposes, same way the white settlers were to return stolen land but didn't coz they bought Kenyatta) supported the home guards and colonial forces claiming like Shiroh does that there was a law and it has to be followed.
    But I cant blame you Shiroh coz I understand that you are just suffering from the ignorance of the youth and can only see this situation as tribal. The poor are fighting modern day economic colonialism. The tribal violence you are witnessing is a description and not an explanation. The Kikuyu and luos are unfortunate victims caught in the cross fire btn the rich and the poor. Raila is not a saint but he managed to tap into that vein of dissatisfaction in the masses and they saw him as their messiah.

  8. you know anonymous

    I could not agree with you more... the types of shiroh are just closet tribalist who cant stand up and say what they really think ..but instead they sugarcoat it with words like justice and law and sijui fairness yet deep inside you can tell this is a rabid and typical tribal chauvinist...that precisely why they cant stand up and say yes kibaki rigged.. becuase to her.. i guess it feels that she is a little president by extension now that kibaki apparent rigged himself to

    shiro you can do better than insinuate things that have no knowledge of other than what you read.

    good thing is atimes i look at some of this characters... and i say they are not worth much to break a sweat for.

  9. Shiroh put yourself in the shoes of the unemployed men in Kibera and Nyanza who voted in change when they voted in Kibaki only to see no change and to see their situations deteriorate even further. For them the status quo cannot be maintained and things cannot go back to normal beacause for them normal was hell!! For you and other middle and upper class kenyans normal was fine and I appreciate that they want things to go back to how peaceful life was during kibakis reign but their were millions who were living a daily nightmare of poverty and corruption and unemployment and depression and many would rather die than go back to that. And that is why they are fighting. Yes Rala may not have delivered on what he was promising but they were giving him the chance just the same way Kibaki was given his chance but dissappointed them. And if Kibaki did not destry Kenya's belief in democracy they would have turned up in droves to vote out Raila if he in turn did not deliver.

  10. I belive we dont talk the same thing here..Kenyans we are so mean that we dont care if you have food then you dont mind the people down there thats the anger and the way Mk was voted. always the people say that we should talk about this big thing the rift valley about the other hand rich well be richer and the poor poorer is that what we want. RO we give him hands for what he has done for all kenyans he was there to push for all this changes Mk should thank him. if it wasnt for him then Mk would not have been there now they team up with KN.look at this two people they werent for change now they are enjoying the fruits of change please lets change kenya once and for all. no piece meal.and belive me this is not Mk it is the Mt K mafia gang not KIKUYUS thats why Luos dont kill kikuyus but just want to make MK feel it.The rift valley is about land and the rest is election if MK goes then what next. He has Guns now then after five years will he have the same guns please kenyans we want change once and for all people should go out and show to the world if you think about your own things then am sorry think about what kenyas want Six provinces againest two surely ...

  11. Wanjiru, only a complete idiot would have failed to see through your cunningly self-serving "speak". It's not about us "knowing how nasty these people are", it's about what Kibaki has done.

    In case you have forgotten, Kibaki STOLE the elections, he is a THIEF. Like or not, that is a fact. It has nothing to do with character references you have so charitably provided. I'm disappointed but not entirely surprised that you, like the rest of GEMA have decided to close ranks around one of your "own". Just don't expect the rest Kenya to sit back and let this terrible injustice "slide".

  12. The fundamental question to you is how would you assess what is good in the new beginning for Kenya when we are at crossroads? Put in a different context, how do we evaluate opinions and political dispensation in general without compromising general connectedness in Toto to reality in the ground i.e. Kibaki rigging in the ECK tallying center on 27th December to Raila’s alledged win in the ballot box ?

    Deep inside.. i believe no lie can live for ever…. nope

  13. @kip, you seem to be very bent on claiming Kibaki rigged. Do you have any evidence that he rigged apart from the theatrics pulled by the ODM leadership? I am all for saving my country.

    @mwikali, you are the accuser of Kibaki stealing the election then the judge that he stole it?

    @shotto, i couldn't really follow your argument

    @kg, i put themselves in their shoes, no RAILA NO RAILWAY. Thats what is their shoes.

    @kip, stop insulting me and thats what i will say to you.

    @anon 3, i don't follow your argument either

    @blu, i know nothing about fairness or unfairness of the elections until an independent body makes that decision. Why can't we all wait for the truth?

    @kip, are your sentiments your reflections of you being an ODM supporter. Then we are equal. deal

    @mainat, i do suppose very few people want peace in their country

    @eff dee eye, i am biased because i want an intact country at the end of these madness. There are other ways of solving this than uprooting a railway line that the same people use.

  14. I think this blog proves one thing and one thing only, WE ARE ALL TRIBALISTS and lets stop denying it. All of you talking about Raila and change and the poor man, and calling shiru a tribalist--shame on you--I bet you are all Luos and Kale's.. At the end of the day whether kibaki rigged or not, are you happy that Kenya is fast degenerating into chaos..when the economy is on its knees and you cant afford basic things, will you still be saying-No Raila no peace..Please wake up all of you brainwashed people..I would rather the enemy than violence