Monday, January 21, 2008


For Your Information, just because i support President Kibaki's re-election (otherwise known as the MP for Othaya masquerading as a President), it does not mean i support rigging. It however makes no sense to condemn a man and hang him unheard.
I simply hate Violence. I cannot believe there is someone in their right mind
1. Who will slaughter another
2. Do away with a Railway line because NO Raila NO railway
3. Not value peace because NO Raila NO peace
Jesus what do these people smoke?
For R.O to call himself Jesus is nothing but pure blasphemy. What of us who belief that Love & Peace is the foundation of any Christian. Is Kalonzo a Judas (Kalonzo jumped out of the R.O's group a long time ago and run his own election campaign and on top of that said publicly he would work with anyone who won).
Let us remember
WE are one Nation
WE are One People only
Different Tribes
Different colours
Different political Views
The blacks in US were one, the black in SA were one all fighting a common enemy who had oppressed them. We are all blacks in Kenya who are we fighting?


  1. Shiroh wrote:
    Let us remember
    WE are one Nation
    WE are One People

    Hehehehe, don't be silly! Exactly what do we have in common as "Nation"? At desperate times like this, I wish there was symbol, something, anything that we could rally around as nation. Well guess what...HAKUNA! You are a mkikuyu and I'm a mkamba, the rest is delusion. No prizes for guessing where the blame lies for that.

  2. I see the irony(or is stupidity) of people destroying their homes and then will call for the government to help rebuild the same.

    A railway that delivers food and is a vital lifeline to their people is destroyed.

    All because an election was flawed!! Guess what RO and MK will be talking soon and will probably share and where will the people be? Probably poorer if not dead from starvation.

    I admire the courage you have to daily share YOUR views and advocate for peace(!?) and currently oneness especially among blacks.
    What amazes me is how you can weave such sentiments and in the same breathe border on basic tribal rhetoric (Sometimes you come out making sense, most other times you don't) But the courage is admireable I guess that's what keeps me coming back hoping tomorrow will be better - someone on the ground to brief me on what's up...
    Maybe I am naive...

    AOB: Can you suggest to the Black the Caribbean and those from Africa that they have a common enemy?

  4. @anon, that document seems pretty cooked to me. It makes good fodder for propaganda.

    @eff dee eye, "What amazes me is how you can weave such sentiments and in the same breathe border on basic tribal rhetoric" Wow i must say that is a good line i could use one day.

    @seasons, my God i think some guys are on some really cheap stuff.

    @mwikali, we the one nation might just have to leave you alone with your Kamba identity. Just how much does it achieve for you?

  5. Just because the Nytimes says it doesnt make it so, yes some of the violence was planned but isnt that the case with most violence esp when a group gets together?
    Plus you need to read up on black history. In the SA freedom struggle there were deep divisions as was the case in the US with MLK on one side and Malcolm X on the other side.
    I am sure that is the same case in both PNU and ODM in those 2 groups are 2 diff factions with different ways of getting to the goal.

  6. @aco, i just wish you were in Kenya right now maybe you just don't understand what this violence has caused.