Monday, January 14, 2008


Don't say it here.

In the past few days i have decided to blog on what i feel not what everybody thinks its right. I sometimes reflect and wonder if it is the correct thing to say or after having read people's comments wondered if my arguments were sound or not. However that doesn't give some individuals right to insult me or my qualifications.

Yes i am a trained lawyer but that does not have anything to do with the violence in this country.

I am sick and TIRED of you;

Who cannot SEE that we can REPEAT an elections but cannot wake the dead

Who cannot REASON that we can REPEAT an elections but we cannot restore the property that has already been destroyed

Who cannot APPRECIATE that the right to LIVE and OWN property anywhere in Kenya has been forever destroyed

Who cannot sympathise with those children whose mental lives have been destroyed.

I am not gonna fight with anyone any more; i don't fight meaningless battles.

I didn't say anywhere that all ye' supporters of ODM are involved in the violence; infact that would be further than the truth.

Other forms of violence have since surfaced; police abuse and mungiki's. Violence is violence wherever it comes from and violence is dangerous.

The position we all begin to differ is who is to be responsible for all these mindless violence.

There are two ways you can commit an act; by act or omission.

While the ODM leadership may not have asked their supporters not to commit violence they FAILED to stop the mindless slaughtering and cleansing and wanton destruction in time.  They failed to provide leadership to their followers when it was most needed. They failed to respect the Rule of Law.

This will not be excused with a few insults on me.



We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.



  2. Calling for a recess....You are expressing your views on politics - it is bound to produce so much heat I agree especially now.

    Suggestion while it is within your Human right to express yourself, from the blog at times it feels like you are shouting just to be heard.

    Otherwise no name calling - I'm calling for a recess again! But that's just me trying to calm the folks down.

  3. Politics is a dirty dirty game that yu have to take each insult as a form of constructive debate-so shiro dont take it as yu wish

    However, What will happen is that with each back and forth in these political discussion-people are beginning to plant seeds of hatred-as each argues their point

    i dont think discussing right or wrong is helping much but creating a worse scenario. What was political is now turning tribal and ethnic.

    Enough of the hatred and bile going on even on blogland...and its this hatred thats gonna destroy us not even ODM or PNU

    we need to get on with our lives and not be put ransom- no more drama no more violence

    Lives are at stake here. We are losing more than we can account for-economically, socially...

    We need to go back to regular programming
    .... we can not ignore what has happened but we cannot dwell on this forever

    If politicians can be selfish we too need to be selfish and take care of our own selves. WE need stop the hatred and the viloence the chaos and the ruin...move on past all this...we are bigger than politics...and its only us who can start the mend

    So my dear shiroh lets START THE MEND nothing to do with who agrees or disagrees with you or me or them or us...enough hatred enough violence and ruin


  4. @Eff Dee Eye, Please show me some instances of this "it feels like you are shouting just to be heard"

    Shouting to who. You bring yourself to my blog and say you are being shouted at.

    Is it not possible to disagree with someone without attacking them?

    @Spidey, thank you, people are having so much bile for nothing.

    I don't comment rudely or attack them no matter what they say. Well as you say we need to move on. True colours emerge at times like this.

    I don't refuse you to agree with me; just do it with respect because this is my opinion.

  5. These are very high-strung times. Not good at all. When will it all end? When will we get back to life? When will all this s**t end?

  6. I am seething mad and it is at times like this that I can't hold back my emotions have got the better of me. I am sick and tired of these rallies and B/S, the country has to move on. I find it hard to believe that the 4+ million kenyans who voted for Kibaki are not Kenyans!!! Why dont I feel robbed as CNN and BBC would have me believe. Lets get out of the gutter and smell the coffee. Global powers are fighting it out in Kenya, make no mistake. We no longer depend on the West and our country is weaning itself from Aid. That is a no, no in their eyes, we have just become the battlezone. In joburg a week ago a group of so called "Kenyans" rallied at the Kenya high Commission. One thing the media failed to point out is that all these people were from one community (since I am stepping on egg shells and cant say it like it is!!!). Other communities were excluded! That is total rubbish so how do these people represent all Kenyans views. The mail and guardian of January 11 - 17, 2008 has some shocking comments from some of these "Kenyans". I want to move on, ODM lost, PNU won lets reconcile and build our great country!

  7. @Anon yes I agree that there were millions that voted for Kibaki but the fact is more people voted for Raila and they have a right to a president that they voted in. kibaki had his 5 years and he let these people down so he should have accepted defeat graciously rather than rigging elections.