Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The law is an ASS

Even Raila must follow it!
Now what happens on Tuesday when parliament is sworn.
They will all declare allegiance to the President. Raila has categorically refused to refer to Mr. Kibaki as a president, so which allegiance will he declare?
The LSK which is shamelessly taking sides with the opposition should advice it on the Law in Kenya.
4M + can recognize Mr. Kibaki as president, do we really need Raila to declare Kibaki as president? Upto now he just remains as much as a presidential contender as Kalonzo & others
I have seen many blogs and their comments commenting that cabinet positions are going to Mt. Kenya, these same blogs preach unity but when it comes to declaring others they call them Mt. Kenya, if we are all Kenyans why the discrimination. All does it become Mt. Kenya and other Kenyans?
To those who think they can declare violence, this time round, everyone is ready
We have to move on, we have wasted so much. We have fought a war that is too unnecessary and unproductive.
For those who doubt Kibaki's sanity, Ali Mazrui thinks of Kibaki as an intellectual, then again are you more intellectual than Ali Mazrui. Angst against Kibaki is not helping anyone.
Someone famous said "Action cures Grief" I think all that angst should be directed towards action.
And i forgot if you refuse to be sworn in as MP your seat is declared vacant.

Mutahi Ngunyi is a genius


  1. I have to put up with this too! How comes EVERYONE else is taking sides? (Well of course apart from!)

    Seems like politics is not your forte just like me why don't sit back and look pretty - you don't have to comment on everything. IT'S POLITICS MOVE ON! One thing I learned from the elections is that we are all ugly forget about the make-up and the walking around fronting to be what we are not.

    Angst against Raila is not helping anyone either - taste your own pill miss. the law is an ass but let it not make an ass of us.

  2. And you don't have to comment. Seriously if i feel like taking sides, its my prerogative. I don't have any angst on Raila i am just stating the things as they are. You surely have a problem with reality? Just like Raila.

  3. It is obvious where your heart is, though you should note that the fact that 4m+ think you are a president doent make you one. Kibaki did not win this elections...a fact that even my village idiot in Kirinyaga knows.Whether Raila pays alligiance to Emilio or not is another issue.Law and Politics though are bedfellows, politics respects no laws.
    Dont expect Kenyans to keep quiet.

  4. We all have a problem with reality - of course that excludes you... keep us informed! let me not deny your 'Prerogative' right to say what you want to say too bad if we all saw things from the same angle.

    Interesting thoughts though - maybe that's why I'm addicted (or is it becoz I am idle? - maybe both)

  5. @ego trip, the fact also 1 man thinks that you are not a president does not not make you one. The point is the Law is an a$$, it makes Kibaki a president! Some people just don't gerrit!!!!

    @eff dee eye, we can't all think alike. Glad you appreciate that. I have made a lot of enemies from this "we must think alike" group.

  6. Thing is, Kibz thru authority granted to him as President has asked for parliament to kick off on Tuesday. Every MP accepting his authority to do so, has agreed to congregate on Tuesday. End of story.

    Who said peeps have a herd mentality? Many a blogger is now proving this to be correct.

    In a couple of months, with all this behind us and guys enderearing with Kazi, I hope some will have the humbleness to regret some of their utterances.

  7. @mainat i am glad somebody sees my point. Most Kenyans and especially the business community want to go in with life. Kibaki played his dirty game and won.

  8. Shiro, i am trying to look at the law-side of issues too.
    I'm not going to argue with anyone os obviously non is going to cross over. What I'd say is, we need to respect everyone's opinion. If we disagree, we do so but without effing and blinding.

    Nobody can claim to know what has hit Kenya.

    Pray for peace