Monday, January 14, 2008

No justice No Peace

I have heard that statement so many times that is beginning to ache my ears.

What is justice. Wikipedia so help me

If this is the policy we are going to live with, then i think that we are going to be here (without peace) for a long time.

What justice are we (they) asking for that Kibaki steps down for being declared a president in a flawed electoral process. That Kibaki allegedly did not win the election. That R.O. was elected president and M.K was declared president (allegedly of course). I don't know the truth about that and i am not ECK nor a returning officer nor an observer (partial or impartial). Primary evidence is of course the most credible evidence; those who saw with their eyes, those who heard it. Well, anything else is just much hearsay.

circumstances however may make one believe otherwise; the pollsters, the Number of seats a party garnered in the electoral process and popularity or lack thereof.

Will this justice be handed; i don't know.

Just for a second this justice is handed; will the other side of the divide also demand justice?

The punishment for killing is death.

The punishment for destroying people's property could land you a few years behind bars.

Arsonists also do get a few years behind bars.

Are we all ready for justice?


  1. You ask so many rhetoric questions,
    What justice?

    Ghana's Kufor's mission failed because he recognized that this is not just about the elections.

    Kofi Annan is coming to the country to "negotiate" some kind of settlement. In short, the "justice" depends on Kibaki and how far desparate Kenyans let him

    Even US and UK have said it will not be business as usual in kenya.

    If this is the peace you are looking for, then talk to Kibaki. Lets see whether he listens to you

  2. Ok warning, from now on i am going to delete inappropriate comments on my blog. If you have no capability to reason then i am not going to let you do it here.

  3. Kenya is constitutionally governed and the only just way to get justice is through legal means. Raila, the aggrieved party, should go to court. Period.

    Only through a court process can Kenyans know who justly won the election through justly constituted means not chaos and bloodshed.

    It is amazing that Raila is hell bent on taking over the leadership of Kenya by unjust means as he cries for justice. He is ready to be president of corpses and rumble!

    RO has no respect for Kenyan institutions as he continuously accuses Kibaki of misusing ECK. Raila too has no respect for the rule of law, the judiciary, executive, the police, army, parliament, name it. What will happen to these institutions if he were to be in power? Two wrongs don't make a right. Raila feels he was robbed off his victory. That does not give him the right to rob back. He should seek restitution through the Kenyan courts and he will regally rule. This is not the time for civil coups, finishing 82' unfinished business.

    He thinks he has right of 'justice' over any other Kenyan including those being slaughtered and displaced by his sympathisers.

    America, EU, AU, UN, Commonwealth states, EAC and the so-called 'eminent persons' are better off solving the crisis in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia/Eritria, Northern Uganda, DRC Congo, Iraq, Iran/US. Kenyans should not lie to themselves that these foreigners will work magic on their political stand-off. Once they sort out Somalia Kenya will have some faith.

    Surprising how far one can go to seek international attention and sympathy.