Monday, January 21, 2008


1. If you are a KIBAKI supporter you are a TRIBALIST
2. If you believe there are other ways apart from mindless violence you are a TRIBALIST
3. If you don't support Raila & ODM you are a TRIBALIST
4. If you don't believe in mass action you are a TRIBALIST
5. If you voted for KIBAKI you are a PIG TRIBALIST
Keep the insults coming.


  1. a TRIBALIST? Such trivial harmless name calling in a time when people are paying for the plitical crimes of ONE Mwai Kibaki with their lives and livelihood

    if you support this illegimate regime then you are part and parcel to the cold blooded murder they are commiting.

    That makes you guilty of Involuntary manslaughter by wilful blindness

  2. Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which an individual seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally putting himself in a position where he will be unaware of facts which would render him liable.

  3. And what if you dont support either and you are tired of senseless killings, chaos, selfish acts, mass action etc, ARE YOU A TRIBALIST??

  4. @mkenya, i don't care what you write but whatever you say i hope you can prove it!

    @xs, If you believe there are other ways apart from mindless violence you are a TRIBALIST

  5. THINGS I HAVE LEARNT from your posts.....

    1. If you are a RAILA supporter you HATE KIKUYUS

    2. If you UNDERSTAND the "mindless violence" you HATE KIKUYUS

    3. If you don't support Kibaki & PNU you YOU ARE MISLED

    4. If you believe in mass action you are BRAINWASHED

    5. If you voted for RAILA you HATE KIKUYUS

    Remove your blinkers, flip the coin and you may just see where we are coming from...

  6. I have learnt that It does not matter who screams the loudest, Raila and Kibaki are the winners!Your and my opinion count for Zilch

  7. i've learnt there is stupidity and then there is kenyan stupidity.
    2ndly, that it doesn't matter how many die on either side of the political divide;
    kibaki will get his 2m+ sometime this month. and maybe for the next 5 yrs?
    raila will get his Ksh850k sometime today. and possibly for the next 5yrs.
    mudavadi will have a hearty chat with kibaki when they meet next time as will all the other mps. what they won't is exchange machette blows...

  8. mwikali .. you are only a good kenyan if you see things through the prisim of the kikuyu elite.. dare see things through the eyes of the common kenyan from all tribes including poor kyuks and you are a tribalist... Laughable if you ask me...

    The Kenyan situation is regrettable, nokenyan is proud of what is happening now but we must be honest with ourselves .. what is happening there is due to the fact that the electoral process has failed and w rigging was put in place. Those who are in the office in Kenya know that they did not win the elections!

    reality and truth is that Before the victory is won, , some will be called devils , and idiots, merely because they believe in justice for all , some will be dismissed as dangerous rabblerousers and agitators merely because they’re standing up for what is right[ READ Raila Odinga Amollo], but we shall overcome.

    as I mentioned earlier..the important thing is to get rid of the conditions that lead us to Demonstrations and the first step is getting rid of the illegitimate government lead by the MP of othaya

  9. Mwikali and Kip are you supporting/advocating for the violence..Mwikali--you understand the violence.. You are truly brainwashed and something tells me you are not Kamba--if you are , you must be Ngilus daughter

  10. beatrice i think you need to read better and understand where am comming from and where am going... I was in rift valley when all the chaos occured and saw first hand what violence does to a country.....I saw my kikuyu friends of 20years as refugees in my local police .so dont feed me that crap ati am pro-violence.. you ass wasn't with me when i took food for Mr njuguna and his family for 3 days in kericho police station ... you ass was not with me when I and other guys took food to a certain kyuk. family of 4 that had been stuck in eldoret Airport for 4 days without food and the likes..without knowing who they were.... ALL am saying is as much abore violence... there must political honest from the government sides and their supporters...

    just to quote myself.from my blog "....... let me say that we must reaffirm our commitment to nonviolence. I want to stress this. The futility of violence in the struggle for ODM’s election justice has been tragically etched in all the recent Happenings in kenya. While things were still hot and emotions we running high , I tried to analyze the violence and deal with their causes. Today I want to give the other side. There is certainly something painfully sad about political instigated violence One sees screaming youngsters and angry adults fighting hopelessly and aimlessly against impossible odds. And deep down within them, you can see a desire for better life for the citizenry of kenya But ,a kind of suicidal longing that is sniffed out by fellow kenyans in Uniform with Tax payers AK-47Painful if you ask me ......"end Quote.

  11. @mwikali, damn i guess i have to accommodate everyone even you.

    @half n half, i guess everyone in kenya apart from those who don't get it, wants peace. The two bulls have no conscience at all. It tears to see that now tribal violence is over, we are now to police violence. Its extremely unfortunate that one more person in Kenya has to die

    @mainat, so correct. Some guys have no paycheck or are taking salary cuts, i hope those guys too.

    @Kip, because they’re standing up for what is right[ READ Raila Odinga Amollo], but we shall overcome. Finally i see your point. Right is right depending on the eyes of who you are seeing it from. By the way i am not a Kikuyu elite, i don't even know what the kikuyu elite do. But for heavenly sakes always remember that it was long 24 years when Moi ruled us and alienated all of us. Poverty did not come with Kibaki it was there all along.
    The only thing Kibaki & Co have done is entrench the Kyuk supremacy which me & the rest of the Kyuks have nothing to do with it. I just like the rest of the Kyuks see Kibaki on television.

    @beatrice, i thought so too.

    @kip again, the thing is ODM supporters can not do anything without causing untold suffering to people and property. Why can't they restrain themselves to their main objective. To get justice. What has a railway line got to do with justice?



  12. Sadly things arent so cut and dried, you cant jam all ODM supporters into one category and be surprised when they do the same to you.
    There are many ODM supporters who are anti tribalism and anti mass action.Not every ODM supporter is raving mad you know, some of them are people who want peace in the country too.

  13. acolyte.... you are preaching to the choir here sir... been an ODM supporter you are instantly labelled a trouble rouser , blood hungry ,kikuyu hating and rabid tribalist.... worse if you are kalenjin like me.. the instant pedigree category is one is a killing machine...

    Sad but the reality is we have an illegitimate government lead by the MP of othaya an apparent yester years democrat.