Monday, March 09, 2009


Stuff sitcoms should be made of.
Girl: I want you all to myself
Boy: mmmh (ignores)
Girl: Really, I am serious. I mean we have kinda been dating and we have already kissed enough times. C'mon
Boy: Laughs (ignores)
Two days later
Girl: Ooh God, when did i get to Page 20 while you are still at the preface
Boy: What?
Girl: Yeah i mean you make me feel so stupid and like i am the only one who wants you. You think i am so naive...(words get lost)
Boy: (Yawns) What do you want?
Girl: You
Boy: Silence
Girl: Ooh God, shall we write the epilogue already
Boy: Tell me when you are done
****End of monologue****


  1. Hope that's based on fiction. If not, pick self up, dust self off and move right along!

  2. Yeeouch... Don't sweat it though... I agree with Digzer... But it begs the question...Is it based on fiction?

  3. Now that's the definition of a P.I.M.P!

  4. ****End of monologue****

    Now this seems like it ended up as a "dialogue" between you and,.. well, never mind.

    Where you at?