Friday, March 06, 2009


If you are going to seek justice for an outlawed sect, you must also seek justice for the families whose lives have been destroyed, for Kenyans who are extorted daily by these groupings, for us who have had to walk long distances because of transport disruptions and for the millions in the slums who live every day in fear of being killed or maimed by others whose only strength is the force they use against others.
That is all.


  1. Because our government is a "No Thief, Left Behind" coalition, it does not surprise me when a sane mind, like yours, gets disturbed.

    If you wonna be happy, read Imbuga's "Betrayal in the City."

    "When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, it is not enough to say the man (woman)is mad."

    You are the mad one, Shiro!, at least that's what they would have us belief. Tell me why not!

    We (somehow) support the police, the UN (somehow) supports Mungiki.

    We are not wrong, and they are not right. Wither, not, scholarship. Welcome death!

    Meanwhile, people suffer. People die!

    And tomorrow comes,
    Another day comes!

    We are where we got started!

    What was your problem, anyway?

    They will never tell you, so you tell me.

    To hell with Kenya Politicos.

    Up theirs!

  2. @kimx, i know. It started with Maina Kiai. Kenyans have started to support police more. I do not exactly support their extra judicial killings but i also know the right to life can be taken away when public security is threatened. These people barricade roads, collect taxes every day from our matatu touts, instill morbid fear to the people who live in the slums and expect what? Gifts

  3. Hi,

    It is how the 'right to life' is taken away. Mungiki is a menace and it should be eradicated. & they have zero sympathy from society. But due process should be followed by Police when investigating and prosectuting these cases.

    Police are shooting-to-kill(a.k.a murdering) people and labelling them 'mungiki' or with 'links to Mungiki' and they know society will not react as they do not ( and rightfully so )sympathise with Mungiki.

    Where does this leave us:

    1. A blogger who is Ph D graduate killed at 3am and labelled Mungiki (check full story at

    2. Activists investigating extra-judicial killings shot at 5pm along state house road.

    Justice for those that Mungiki is terrorizing is a must but the police should NOT murder people while pretending to be looking for this justice.

  4. Mungiki aint no joke. Ruthless than the mafia. Organized more than our government. The only ones organised better than them could be the army. But then again using the army is too extreme because mungiki is almost faceless till it rares its ugly head against the innocent