Tuesday, April 19, 2005

wedding in Ukambani

Today I was 10 minutes late to go to the office coz I decided to do my washing in the morning, With all these articles I have read.

Wedding In Ukambani

I’m not going to forget Kaus in a long time, on Sato were to a wedding of a guy in our head office, we set out well only but the distance ulala this guys can walk long, distances little wonder they have not tried long distances marathon. The place was as dusty as ever , a whole stretch of 10+km without tarmac. God bless Ukambani that the next president be a kau! otherwise these people are in a bit of a problem no roads kids walking barefooted in yaani they were carrying their shoes in their hands! All they told us is sio mbali wen a kau tells u a place ni mbali, just turn and go back home.

I wasn’t shikain anything in that weddin, it was all in kau, so some crazy guys thot we should go and take lunch (God forgive them) , should have been wiser because there was nothing like lunch! So for most of the wedding we were drinking, anyway who in his wisdom should put a bar next to a church! The pombe in ukambani has kamuti I swear the first bottle and that was it, No muthokoi for me , no pilau for me, even worse no cake for me. And I even claim I went to the wedding , but the nyama was tamu I can go back for some more, somebody wiling to go to Ukambani soon?. The bar man told me he used to work in the army, and he prayed that more weddings be brought to that church I agree with you sir, more weddings in Kau land near your bar. did I believe him well the bar was almost better than my locals . Better still a room could be rented for 100 bob and 150 bob and 6 condis then after that the rest are free (just kidding).Wat can beat that?

At the end of the day, all I wanted was to go home and sleep.
Compe ni compe ,mtu aje ajitetee roho safi - Bamboo

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