Tuesday, April 19, 2005

who is this girl in the meadow anyway?

You can call me anything you feel like, I won’t care but the way m seeing things m not considered marriageable poor me! Yaani and the way I have tough culinary skills but I have been dismissed ab initio, ha ha ha I have been intelligent in my recent past, this days m no longer sure .

I see life in a different way as something to be enjoyed .I don’t take things seriously, not even when somebody is about to slap me, the best I ever scored was with my high school teacher she had sent me to call someone for her I went to class and forgot about so when she came to class with her hands akimbo I just smiled dumbly at her, and everyone held their breath she was known for her slapping skills, but she just looked at me and went away, wow that was a fast one I thought but it worked. I have had my fair share of frustrations , sure I have but I don’t like feeling sorry for me becoz I don’t need it I have survived and will continue surviving ,

The best thing in my life is my 3 year old bro, that boy has beautiful large eyes, though he is a bit stubborn, I can’t wait to go back to Nairobi and hear him ask me “umeniletea nini?” The best was when I was called and so he asked me “ni nani huyo?’ And I said ‘ni uncle’ then he asked ‘uncle ya nani?’ I was thoroughly amused whichever uncle he thought I was talking to, the uncle unajijua.

I have since given up sulking for no good reasons do I have to be reminded that I’ m grown up, as my mother might retort by ua age I had u and ua sister and I managed, I was working blah blah, talk of my sis she is the most complicated person I have ever met , lakini that’s for another day.

Organization flew out of the window as I was born, unlike other kids I refused to dive and instead stood up (call me I will explain), poor woman worse still I think I was 4kgs plus so that’s when I started disobeying the nature of organization , but I’m trying ,but m not saying I am all cluttered up I think its what they call the sanguine type just a bit of it , or maybe I need a perfect melancholy to organize me! I could have been a sanguine but God had it all figured out and decided to add a bit of choleric.

For movies and music please spare me scientific fiction and any kind of robot movies, I don’t want to watch the rise of the machines and such kind of things I would prefer a hilarious teen movie with dumb white girls, like white chics or something like that I have enaf books in my life and I don’t want to start figuring out exactly what the movie if it ain’t gud in the first five minutes then I forget it, the boat trip was perfect, ten things I hate about you ,good, the story of the girl who couldn’t remember anything good, I cant stand Bridgett Jones. Traffic must have been the disaster of movies, blah blah.. I think a movie should make you laugh not think.

I HATE BAD FOOD , BAD MUSIC, BAD MOVIE, you would end up sick.

For the guys who cheat on their wives (not their girlfriends hiyo ni kawaida) I suggest Blu Cantrell you know what hit em up style.

And the hottest actress has to be Angelina Jolie in Gia .Haven’t seen any hot actor in the recent past , fill me in case I missed out, but Cuba Gooding Jnr is pretty.

Somebody jana said Kenya is divided into 3 tribes super rich, rich and poor, I wouldn’t mind been in the super rich tribe ha!

Any sensible person should read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I hate guys who think they know everything, busy bodies, Obs( I would rather a shady person who appreciates that they are shady and are true to themselves) and blubber mouths.

Mr. Mafioso of www.askmen.com- if you are a man you should read his articles please.


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