Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I feel privileged to be a Kenyan, where else would you experience and the following:

1.Matatu drivers –they will hassle every motorist and manoeuvre even the worst of traffic jams. Have no manners on the road and they have no apology to offer .

2. Lake Siders- they will talk of the Mercedes Benz which they only dream about . remember when the mobile phones just chucked they would ask for two glasses one for the purpose of putting the mobile for everyone to see.

3. Kyuks – this genre of human beings is known only for affinity for money, they are seldom known for romance. Remember, umekula thambutha, tena ya pilipili , na si umekunywa fombe tena baridi, razima shuma irare ndani . And now, they are been blamed for corruption and everything else , what did you expect?

4.Obs- these are the guys who will come to the club at midnight too drunk to see. And guess what they are high on cheap sachets of Kenya cane and such other lethal concoctions. They are mostly associated with fights in clubs, they speak a language only themselves can understand, ati “Oti si we ndio unaumanga chuma” and such other languages, anyway keep your drink from them because as soon as you go to the dance floor they will, yes they will, drink from your glass ama waigawe. They don’t like queing, sorry wasee wa eastie but they are mostly from the Eastland’s part of Nairobi.

5.Politicians- I don’t know what to call them. This is the breed of people that I have no kind words and most Kenyans feel nothing for. They all attend parliament when there is a motion to hike their salaries, but will not even if threatened with death attend parliament to pass a Forest Bill. They only comment on issues of personal importance and those that will give them political mileage .Why would I keep giving them airtime on my blog? God rescue us from them.

6.Hawkers- these are the people who move this economy. They had invaded the city centre until the Hon . Minister intervened. We thank the Hon. But exactly where do you want us to shop? What puzzles me is the fact no one touches their goods even when the city askari hound them they ran away and their goods remain intact I don’t what kind of wrath they would unleash but still I don’t want to find out.

aluta continua…….. …..

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