Friday, April 15, 2005

men ulala

i was having this discussion with some guys from the office. About women and marriage ati guys want the traditional woman in the house well i dont agree with them but neither can i say that they are entirely wrong considering the Kenyan man half the time is looking for someone to sooth their egos. i don't think as a career person you can be the traditional woman as the only reason women in the past were submissive is that the men fed all their needs all the time. Now that i'm also paying the house rent and the school fees surely why do i need to worship a man.

At the risk of sounding a feminist which i am partially but not radically the only reason why a woman can be submissive is for the future of her children and has all to do with the fact all of us want our children to go to nice schools,wavae vizuri so if i can afford to provide all these to my kids i cannot stand an irresponsible man in my house if you can't get your act and behave then bounce!

A feminist is a person who understands that women suffer and are discriminated against in the society just because of their gender.

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