Friday, April 08, 2005

right attitude

I have been wondering about this thing called attitude. Someone has actually said its everything. Now they even say you can have a positive and negative attitude. iI'm even told you must think well of everything even when everything sucks.Now apart from overcoming my usual 8 hrs of sleeping to make them 6 i'm advised that i should not gossip . Well now i'm going to change and sleep for 4 hours in protest. No more sucking , im even happy about it already, who doesn't want to be a changed person.What is more pertubing is even after i posted that a problem person is a latecomer blah blah i only made to the office 10 minutes later. Monday i will be there 15 minutes earlier . I'm not a habitual gossiper so that has no problem. Until next week my battle with this bad habits has just began lets see

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