Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Red light in Kenya a.k.a Koinange street will no longer be the hub of prostitution, the city fathers have declared. By hounding the prostitutes also known as hookers , maluch, twilight girls, malaya, whores, and any other name you would want to call them, is there any thing that has been solved. We would all be assuming that all chics in K-street are there by choice the truth is that they are not. Who would want every chuma of any size, smell and shape to go through them.

The truth is being a prosti is the easiest business you can do consider you don’t need any capital or do you? Pundesh haishi sio sabuni au sio? I’m thinking a mama whose life has lemead her would easily and cheaply start the business of prostitution and the only thing they lose is reputation (reputation is heck the most important thing in a person’s life even the bible says Proverbs 22:1),but if your kid is starving at home what the fcuk would you care about reputation?
If you can sell it ha! And willing buyers then!

The real issue here is there are no equal opportunities for women so, as a guy the minute you accepted going to school at the expense of your sis then she ended up a hooker what did you expect. That your sis should hustle and become a mama mboga while you swing your executive chair and go for the same goods in the same street but whoever’s goods you are going for should belong to somebody’s sis, cmon!

By hounding out the prostis from K-street , the only thing we are doing is making them look for better secretive places to continue with their profession.

In short a woman with the right education will not become a prostitute.

To borrow from a song
What would do you if your……at home
Crying on the bedroom floor
That he is hungry
And the only way to feed em
Is to sleep with a man with for a little bit of money
And the dad is gone……

Boys love em they teach them the game, some guys have told me they learnt the game from either their mboches or hookers (even in the novels) and as for married men they adore them (when your woman is too tired to give you the goods). Little wonder the earliest profession will continue surviving.

They should actually file an injunction, the city askaris are threatening to eject them from the place of their trade.

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t want anyone to be a luch but I’m saying they also have their rights and in deciding that they should move out of the city centre even when the consumer wasn’t consulted, Isn’t that the greatest autocracy?

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