Monday, November 28, 2005


A moment of silence for Peter F. Drucker, didn't know he succumbed on November 11th. The father of modern management best known for his influential quotes on management.
He separated what he called as "Managers" and "Leaders"

A malawian friend of mine tells me if there is one thing Kenyans are good at is lying. Wella, when a Kenyan man says"I Love You" you can never be sure what he loves...say nothing i don't know just how Malawians are but ...

A good number of work going Kenyans in the morning opened their windows to receive a free copy of advertiser. Ooh how we love free things.

The last time i checked there were deodorants costing around 100 bob, but this guy i was seated next to in a mat couldn't resist not using man..It was the longest journey to town.

Have a virtuous week


  1. R.I.P Peter F. Drucker.

    I think lying is everywhere and lying is all lying asin u gotta keep lying to keep the 1st lie u ever told covered but it reaches apoint and you loose track n get busted.

    Free things? oh well..ummmhhh

    Of deodorant pole sana for the situation :)

    Happy Week, keep smiling

  2. I'm here first right? I'm doing a jig lolses

  3. All human beings lie at one time or anther. Kenyan men are apt to lie as they are human. If you claim to have never lied in your life you just did.
    Free things are da bomb makes you feel a little richer.
    I feel you totally on the deo thing, you know a times just a shower would serve well lakini pole for the long ride.