Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I am not talking, not at least in our office. Everyone here is screaming some unintelligible words like " Kikuyu Oriti". I fail to understand how one tribe is a thorn in the flesh for a whole 50+ tribes in Kenya. So what is the celebration, Kikuyus lost or what?

Well i am not going to be spare my words here, it is fairly simple, it is a shame that 40+ tribes in Kenya could only deliver 1M more votes, meaning if we all voted we could have done it alone. I am sorry i am getting all tribal now but you know i have realized this damn process was all about tribe and tribal affiliation.

Either way someone is DAMN LYING and that man's name is RAILA. He has proved to me , that a person can fool the same people ALL THE TIME. Whatever MEN! I didn't believe that YES was going through but for totallly different reasons which had nothing to do with tribal affiliations.

Anyway Kenyans you were to lose,either way you voted. If you voted well you would have ended up with a Wanjiku Constitution, who said Wanjiku can make a constitution??? WTF does Wanjiku know about making a LAW? By voting NO you were voting for PERSONAL INTERESTS. No one of those LUMINARIES or whatever they are calling them? SAME OLD SHIT. You need votes, hook up tribal BIGWIGS (IS IT?). I am so grateful that Kibaki went this all alone, at least he can get rid of all those BUFFOONS he calls ministerswithout any FEAR OR FAVOUR. No one will ever say that he owes him a favour.

Some people argue if Kibaki went it alone, he could have lost,. True but think of it this way IF Raila was the chosen candidate, he couldn't have gone past LUO Nyanza!!

That is Tribal Politics and i hate it but that is how it is.HATE IT OR LOVE IT.


  1. Politics in kenya will always have a tribal link to it no matter what. Its a shame! Hata hapa England we have the scots and the welsh whom the English think are damn. What I thank God for is the peace during those two days. I hope it stays that way.

  2. I disagree with your take that RAILA was the problem and the REASON that the draft was rejected.

  3. @bankelele, I am not saying Raila was the problem nor am i disputing he has been the problem, of course he is the problem..
    @farmgal, i think we have come of age and it is a good thing we maintained peace.

  4. Hi shiro, politics and tribe, race,region hair color,eye color as well as anything else people use to forge an identity-kenyans being people- will always go hand in hand. So it is time everyone took account of that.
    What I voted no against is arrogance, chauvinism, and in your face attitude that I have had enough of. People who think just because they are in the kitchen cabinet they no longer live in Kenya.
    Do you remember 2002? We wanted Moi out so badly, and this is what has happened once more.
    I totally disagree with you on Raila being the problem because you have to admit, he has clout.
    I am more comfy with the old constitution, it has done us well for fourty years and some of us had excellent opportunity to develop before some big asses came along and plundered.
    Did you actually read that constitution? I did and my head could not stop spinning. At the end of the day it is my personal interest that counts.

  5. I try to keep my faith in Kenya's well being but one person I NEVER felt & may never feel comfortable with is this Raila. He's never struck me as a genuine person, leader or politician. To me he's just an opportunistic politician out to get one & one thing only...the Presidency or the Premiership (which he will conveniently abuse so I believe) bcoz for some reason he believes he is chosen to rule Kenya. Rule, not lead.

    I know my hot air here has nothing to do with the Orange/Banana madness but Raila just doesn't sit well in my thoughts. I would not trust him with my remote control leave alone my nation. He's out to cause havoc.

  6. @Prousette, i agree with you that the proposed constitution was lacking a lot but don't you think if we had leaders in this country they should have come to a consensus as to the right way forward. Mark you Raila was the first to say he is not compromising . My take He is the problem in this whole saga, yet he emerges a hero in the eyes of so many Kenyans.
    @Akiey, thank you for your take the guy is a good for nothing, he can't lead two Kenyans leave alone 30 million. He is too selfish.

  7. I also disagree that Raila is the problem.

    When Michuki and Mirugi and Ndwiga and the rest said in public that voting for the draft was voting to keep their man in power just how did you expect the other tribes to react? Playing tribal cards will get you votes in central but cost you votes everywhere else.

  8. I wont sugar coat like shiro. raila is a problem ,as long as kenya has leaders like raila we will go nowhere,and that doesnt mean that i am a kibaki supporter. sometimes i wonder if kenyans we are serious we want change but we want to vote for the railas, kamothos ntimamas as opposed to kibaki and co what new ideas can ina raila bring to kenya or kibaki for that matter when need new leadership plain ansd simple . how can raila be said t be young leadership the guy is older than my father who is retired from the business world should raila also be retired from politics . this business of being in politics over the age of 50 has to end we need 30-49 year olds not 50-95 year olds .as for tribal poitics sometimes i want to slap some people silly ati kikuyu oriti i wont lie am a very progressive kenyanwith friends from every part of kenya butt when 50 tribesmen gang up against me simple because a president i dont know is from my tribe i am left with no other choice but to go on the offensive i will never be ashamed of my roots and i will never apologies for being a kyuk and yes am a kyuk first and a kenyan second deal with that kenya has ben kenya for 40 something years but my kyuk roots go back thousands.kyuks will be here long after kenya is gone deal with that