Friday, June 03, 2005

Walking Away

If you walk away,
Will I be strong enough,
To let you go,
Will I be friend enough,
To let you have what you want,
And that is not me.

Will you hear me cry,
Will you remember what you promised,
That you will never leave me,
Or will you follow your heart,
To be with the one you have always loved,

If I say goodbye,
Will you say , I never loved you enough,
To let you walk away,
That I should have fought for what I had,
I can only have yesterday
For today is no more
And I don’t want to let you go


  1. totally unrelated to ur poem but it reminds me of a compe that had silliest country song titles of which one was "When u leave, walk backwards cause i dont wanna see you walkin out of my life!!!!"

    LOL squared

  2. Nice poem girl! Keep them coming.

    @Gich boy, hahaa thts a good one. Ati when yu leave walk backwards coz i donn wanna see yu walking out of my life..hahhaa kweli...

  3. letting go has got to be the hardest thing ever!!!that's a great poem right there..u go gal!!:-)

  4. @guess, thanks
    @MJY thanks for the encouragement
    @cilia, thanks
    @letting go, one of the hardest thing any human has got to go through

  5. manze, that's one of those tough decisions you never wanna have to make..