Monday, May 30, 2005

What to do

I have thought of situations and how to solve them.

somebody has borrowed your favourite book and you have no any intentions of loaning it to them because the last time you gave them something they never returned.
Just tell them that the book is at home and you will bring it the next day, for the next one week keep forgetting . They will get the hint but won't hate you for it because the only one to fault here is your bad memory.

Your girlfriend has caught you pants down with the girl next door.
pretend nothing has happened and do not follow her even when she seethingly walks out screaming its over and do not even try to communicate or say sorry.
Reason; She will now start to wonder if the girl next door has taken over her place and come running asking if anything is wrong. To which you must have a ready answer.

You have lost somebody's expensive book and you have no money to replace it.
Tell them you are going to replace it as soon as possible when a cheque you have been waiting for is cleared. Buy time but keep promising that way they will realize your good intentions to replace it.

To end a fling

Simple, try taking it to the next level.

any more....


  1. Gosh!
    Thats mean and good at the same time....I will try No.1 Today

  2. its called the art of survival!!!

    1.better yet tell them its at home and that you will bring it kesho...and oh by the way come with the other book i gave you 2years ago-the story ends right there and then!!!!


    -someone wants to come over to ur house and u dont feel like visitors?
    -you are at your neighbours and desparately need to take a dump.its obvious to go hoe but u may not make it....

  3. moments it is not mean it is just learning how to live with Kenyans
    at Nicko i have never tried to hepa someone but now i know.

  4. Hey thanks for pit stoppin on my blog ...I love Matrix the action sequences and all ist different, anyways you are entitled for your viewpoint .....

    def we can argue lol :)


  5. I have tagged you too. figured how to weka the links!

    have a good day!

  6. lol.. that was funny.. the 'ending a fling' thing!!

  7. On all the 4 issues, honesty is the best policy and we all may find ourselves on either side at one time or another.

    If someone wants to borrow your stuff: Tell the borrower that he/she never returned previous items and you're unwilling to lend again. A prudent person sees fanger and does something to avert it.

    If caught with pants down: Sincerely apologise, ask for forgiveness and repent. Repenting means not doing it again.It's not your job to be forgiven so do not chew yourself out about it,realise it's the other persons choice to forgive.

    If you lose someones item:
    Tell them it's lost and how you intend to make good, and keep your word.If circumstances prohibit you from keeping your word, communicate with the person in advance. Stuff happens even when we've made promises.ama?

    To end a fling :Tactfully tell the other person you want to end it for you got into it for the wrong reasons. If you haven't gone that far yet (been intimate), Flee before its too late.

    P.s @ Shiroh :Thanx for visiting my blog.

  8. Learned the hard way when folks would come to 'borrow' my CDs & DVDs never to return them. Since then (4yrs ago) I've been keeping empty cases in the living room but the real deal is tucked away somewhere safe in the bedroom.
    Whenever some asks for a movie or some music I go like as you can see someone took it & never bothered to bring it back,lol!

    Your No.2 is kinda risky. She might come back only with a 12-gauge shotgun with double barrels cocked & ready to fire

  9. I saw you like CHasing Papi on your profile.I thought it was an interesting movie. Nice post.

  10. Eh that fling thing, not a good idea to take it to the next level because the thing with flings, they're rarely a good idea to begin with. Lakini, to each his/her own!

  11. what got me was the books! How annoying is it when people do that??????????? AH! Mpaka ive furhad thinking about how many good books ive lost!

  12. @ms K,you are taking it to the next level to end it,no one wants to take a fling to the next level
    @sunflower ooiyee pole,
    @wassapangaz, chasing papi is very interesting i have watched it about 5 times and i still laugh
    @akiey-5 i have always wondered why is it that folks have empties and no CDs kumbe.
    @shobali,honesty is a good policy , but doesn't work sometimes, so you adopt survival ,
    @saurabh, thanks

  13. si u just say the truth ....

    i thought thats what we want in life - pple to say

    No, I am not givin u my cd

    No, I am busy

    No, I dont love u no more

  14. @bukusu the thing is it is not always easy to say down right that i won't give you my CD you end up sounding mean and especially if it is your friend....

  15. @shiroh

    Thats important in friendship, the ability to tell your friend NO and thats it .....

    about love .... same ....

    instead of spining a web - just ambia the cat u r moving on

    better lines

    - u r PG and want to keep the baby

    even better

    use SMS

  16. hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

    Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
    Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.


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